Manage tickets

Every email that is sent to the Novopay Service Centre will generate an email response showing a ticket number or PRN (payroll receipt number). Careful management of tickets will help to avoid errors, which may result in an employee being paid incorrectly.

When checking fortnightly pay, use the following tools to help you track manual instructions.

'Daily status of your tickets' email

The 'Daily status of your tickets' email lists tickets that an authorised user has submitted to the Novopay Service Centre over the past three pay periods, but which have not yet been processed.

This email is only sent to authorised users who have outstanding tickets on any given day. If more than one authorised user at a school has outstanding tickets, separate emails will be sent to each authorised user. These are not combined into one list for the school.

If a ticket appears in the email, you do not need to call the Novopay Service Centre or send a duplicate form or NOVO31 form for it to be processed. You will receive an email notification when the instruction is processed.

When requesting a status update from the Novopay Service Centre on an instruction, use the original ticket number.

Transaction report

The Transaction report in Novopay Online is the first place to check that recent pay instructions have been submitted correctly for the current pay period. A new version of this report is available each day, and shows payroll instructions that have been submitted between the Sunday before the beginning of the pay period and the day before the report is downloaded.

For more information, see Transaction report.

Tips for managing ticket numbers

  • Enter or send payroll instructions as you receive them, adhering to the cut-off times. See Cut-off times for pay instructions.
    For more tips on sending forms, see Sending forms.
  • Write the ticket number and pay period on the printed copy of the form. Also file the email response in a named email folder, so that you can locate it if necessary.
  • If you have emailed a form, do not send a second copy. If you wish to send a query about a form, locate the email that the Novopay Service Centre sent with the original ticket number and reply to this email, so that the same ticket number is used.
  • If you need to change information that you have already provided to the Novopay Service Centre, but which has not yet been processed, phone the Service Desk for advice before sending a replacement form.

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