Correct pay errors

If a 1st draft SUE report shows pay errors, some corrections can be made in Novopay Online, such as time sheets, bulk terminations and bulk leave updates. It is best to do as much as possible online, as the changes are effective immediately; however some changes require a NOVO31 form.

When you send a NOVO31 form to the Education Payroll Service Centre, record the ticket numbers of the original instructions on the form.

Cut-off times for corrections

If you identify errors in the 1st draft SUE report, you must make corrections before the following cut-off times:

  • 12.00 pm on Thursday (day 9) for manual corrections via form to the Novopay Service Centre
  • 5.00 pm on Friday (day 10) for corrections in Novopay Online.

Correct errors in 1st draft SUE report

If you notice in the Transaction report or 1st draft SUE report that an instruction has been entered incorrectly, and you cannot correct it online, send a NOVO31 form to the Education Payroll Service Centre. Record related ticket numbers on the form, so that the instruction can be tracked.

Use the subject SUE REPORT CORRECTION (name, MOE number) in the email to the Novopay Service Centre.

You will receive a reply email from the Service Centre with the ticket number for the request. Write the ticket number on the original form, so that your records are accurate.

What next?

The 2nd draft SUE report is available for checking at 9.00 am on the second Monday (day 13) of each pay period. See Check 2nd draft SUE report.

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