End of Year 2018

The End of Year process ensures that Novopay has accurate information to calculate and pay holiday pay to employees. End of Year processing must be completed by 26 November 2018.

Note: If employee information is not available before this date, see End of Year Processing for instructions on how to make changes after 26 November.

The End of Year process has two phases:

  • Preparation - The preparation phase requires you to ensure that employee data is up to date in Novopay Online, to gather last day of duty, termination and leave information for your employees, and to start completing the required forms.
  • Processing - The processing phase requires you to enter data into the End of Year screen and complete End of Year processing in Novopay Online, and to complete the required forms.

Get started early

To avoid delays with End of Year processing and to ensure you have all the information you need, it is strongly recommended that you gather information and complete any forms as soon as possible, so that you are ready when the End of Year screen opens on 10 October 2018.

You can download and use the End of Year 2018 Guide (PDF, 640 KB) which contains the End of Year Checklist and Guide.

Alternatively, see End of Year Preparation on this website.

Calendar icon - to that a task must be completed on a certain date or time of yearKey dates

Date Activity
Before 10 October 2018 Begin your End of Year preparation as soon as possible.
See End of Year Preparation
Before 12 December 2018 Begin your Start of Year preparation as soon as possible.
See Start of Year Preparation.
10 October 2018 End of Year screen available in Novopay Online.
See End of Year Processing
26 November 2018 End of Year processing must be completed.
12 December 2018

Start of Year screen available on Novopay Online.

See Start of Year Processing

19 December 2018 Period 19 pay day - Holiday pay is paid

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