Check and file final SUE Report

The final SUE report reflects the actual pay run, which is run overnight on Monday night, and shows what the employees will be paid. Payment details are sent to the bank to be paid into employees' bank accounts overnight on Tuesday. The Direct Debit balance shown on the final SUE report is also deducted from the school's bank account at this time.

The final SUE report is available at 9.00 am on the second Tuesday (day 14) of each pay period. This forms part of the school's accounting records.

Cut-off times

If an incorrect payment shows on the final SUE report, which must be stopped before pay day, send a NOVO31 form to the Education Payroll Service Centre before 10 am on Tuesday with the subject line FULL STOP PAY (name, MOE number). See Stop pay for guidance.
We recommend that you call your Payroll Advisor and advise them of the STOP PAY ticket number.


Boards or principals should thoroughly check and monitor the SUE report each pay period. Notify any errors to your payroll administrator immediately.

The Ministry of Education strongly recommends that the person who checks the SUE report is independent of any changes made. If this is not possible (e.g. in a small school), an independent board member should be responsible for checking.

Check and file the final SUE report

  1. On Tuesday morning after the pay run (day 14) print the PDF version of the SUE report. See Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report for details.

  2. Check for errors that have resulted in an overpayment or underpayment.
    • If an overpayment, request a stop pay before 10 am on Tuesday. See Stop pay for guidance. Make a note of the stopped pay on the final SUE report.
    • If an underpayment cannot wait until the next pay period, a manual payment can be made. If the underpayment is due to a Service Centre error, contact them to request a manual payment. If it is due to a school error, the manual payment must be made by the school.
  3. Initial the report and give it to the principal to check and sign.

  4. Prepare a voucher for the general ledger for the amount that has been deducted from the school's bank account. This is the total amount of the Operational Grant staff payments, as shown on the last page of the report.

  5. File the approved SUE report, EdPay CSV downloads, and all forms for the pay period. See Payroll record keeping.

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