Resend payslip

Payslips are emailed every fortnight. If an email address is not provided, the Novopay Service Centre posts a payslip only if the net pay changes.

Add or change email address

To add or change an employee's email address in Novopay Online, use the following menu path:

My Reporting tab > School Reports > Payslip Re-mail

Multiple email addresses

There can be only one email address held for an employee. The payslip will not be sent if the employee has multiple jobs that have different email addresses. Submit a NOVO3 form with the correct email address, so that incorrect addresses can be removed.

Request payslip to be resent

If an employee requires their payslip to be resent to their nominated email address, you or the employee can order it using the Payslip resend request form.

If the employee does not have an email address, an authorised user can send an email to the Novopay Service Centre to request that a copy be mailed to the employee.

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