Salary Assessment

The Salary Assessment Unit assess the annual base salary of teachers working within New Zealand state sector. Certified true copies of a teacher's qualifications and any work experience in line with the relevant collective agreement is assessed in order to place the teacher in the correct qualification group and step.

Please see below for an overview of the NOVO forms that the Salary Assessment Unit deal with;

For the following scenarios, a NOVO7t will need to be completed:

  • New beginning teachers who have never worked before;
  • Teachers who have worked overseas in teaching positions;
  • Teachers who have worked in positions that were not teaching but relevant to what they will be teaching;
  • Teachers with previous teaching and employment history outside of the NZ state sector;
  • Teachers who have been out of the NZ state Teaching sector for more than two years. We need to assess any service credit for previous relevant work employment and/or qualifications gained while away.
  • Teachers returning to the NZ state Teaching sector within two years who wish to apply for a service credit assessment for previous relevant work employment and/or qualifications completed while away.
  • Assessment as a Speech Language Therapist (under the PTCA).

A NOVO17t will need to be completed if a teacher that is currently employed by a NZ state school has gained an additional/new qualifications that need to be assessed.

A NOVO18t should be completed to request a Service Increment Allowance to be assessed for an eligible teacher. This is an additional allowance to a teacher's salary that may be due if they have been at the top step of their grade for 3 years or more.

Please note:
A new Service Increment Allowance is only available under the Secondary Teachers CA (Clause 4.9) and Area School Teachers CA (Clause 3.18). Please refer to the relevant Clause to view additional eligibility criteria.

A NOVO19t is to be completed for teachers who are returning to teaching after a period of absence for the purpose of childcare and wish to apply for a childcare salary credit.

To download a Salary Assessment form to complete, please refer to the forms page.