Request a salary assessment

Request a salary assessment for teachers who are new to the Education Service Payroll. It is also recommended that you request a salary assessment for teachers who haven't been paid as a teacher through the Education Service Payroll for two years or more, or if they have new qualifications or service that they want recognised.

The Salary Assessment Unit assesses a teacher's qualifications and relevant experience in line with their relevant collective agreement, in order to place them in the correct qualification group and step and ensure they receive the correct salary.

Qualifications and previous service

The employment agreement that the teacher is on determines the salary entry points that apply, depending on their qualifications and previous service. Follow the links below for the details specified in each of the collective agreements:

Request a salary assessment

  • Either:
    • provide a new teacher with a NOVO7t form, and ask them to complete it and provide certified true copies of supporting documents as described on the form.
    • provide an existing teacher who has improved their qualifications with a NOVO17t form, and ask them to complete it and provide certified true copies of supporting documents as described on the form.
  • Obtain the principal's signature on the salary assessment form.
  • Email the NOVO form and colour scanned certified true copies to
    Please note that these forms can only be submitted by an authorised user at a school.

If you need further information, please call the Salary Assessment Unit on 0508 NOVOPAY (0508 668 6729) Option 3.

Record keeping

Keep the following documents in the teacher's file:

  • A copy of the completed NOVO7t or NOVO17t form
  • Copies of all other documentation provided to the Salary Assessment Unit.

See Payroll record keeping for more details.

What happens next?

The Salary Assessment Unit has a turnaround time of 15 working days to complete the assessment, from the time that they receive all of the required documents.

Teachers are paid as follows until the Salary Assessment Unit has assessed their salary:

  • Teachers who are new to the State sector will receive the untrained, unqualified pay rate.
  • Teachers who have previously taught in the State sector will initially be paid according to the equivalent grade and step that they were on when they last taught.

If approved, the Salary Assessment Unit arranges the change in grade and step and any payment of arrears. The Novopay Service Centre enters the details advised by the Salary Assessment Unit. The school can then see the teacher's qualification details in Novopay Online.

The teacher will be emailed a letter advising the result of the assessment. A copy of this letter is also emailed to the school.

Note: If the teacher is due arrears, the arrears amount will be charged to the funding code that the teacher's salary was charged to at the time. For example, if the teacher was paid from Bulk Grant for a period, the arrears relating to that period will be charged to the school.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • To request a salary assessment for a teacher who is new to teaching in the State sector, or who has not taught in the State sector for two years:
    • NOVO7t - Salary Assessment for Teachers
  • To request a salary assessment for a current teacher who has received new, additional or improved qualifications:
    • NOVO17t - New/Improved/Additional Qualifications for Teachers

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