A screencast is an online video that uses screen recordings and audio narrative to describe a process or scenario.

The following screencasts are available via Training Services.

 Screencast  Description  Duration
Funding Management and Department Codes Explains funding codes, particularly Bulk Grant and Teachers' Salaries, and how to add, check or change a departmental code. 7 mins
Allowance Codes Explains when to use allowance codes, how to change or add an allowance for a teacher, and how to add an event-based allowance. 7 mins 


To open a Training Services screencast:

  1. Log into the Training Services website.
  2. Click Training Resources in the left panel.
  3. Click the Screencasts tab.
  4. Click the Novopay folder.
  5. Click the Pay Codes screencasts folder.
  6. Click on the required screencast.

Note: To request a username and password, contact or 04 463 0928.