Novopay News End-of-Year Special Edition

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Novopay News End-of-Year Special Edition

Kia ora,

Welcome to this special edition of Novopay News which we are publishing at the start of the End-of-Year (EoY)/Start-of-Year (SoY) period which begins today.

We have produced a video where I provide an overview of what you need to do to make the EoY process as straightforward as possible. Click here.

Also available today will be the resources to help you. Please see the story on the red "EoY Tool Box".

While the End-of-Year screen won't open until 11 October, now is the time to start your preparations for EoY.

In this issue I outline steps to help get you started and I also provide some handy hints.

Remember, the key to End-of-Year is to get started early - do not leave it to the last minute -and remember that your EPL payroll advisor is always available to support you.

Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

First step: Watch the End-of-Year introduction video

We have created a short video where I give you an overview of the End-of-Year process. The video is available on the home page of the website.

Second step: Check your access to Novopay Online (NOL)

Novopay Online passwords expire every 60 days. Some users who do not access Novopay Online regularly often find their access has expired. If you need to reset your password, please contact your payroll advisor on 0508 668 6729 using your dedicated queue phone number. You can also email . Checking your access early helps to avoid delays later when time is even more precious.

Third step: Go the red End of Year Tool Box on the Novopay website

Here you will find the resources you need for EoY.

Tool Box Contents

  • Overview: All the Novopay website pages with information and links for preparing and processing. Useful scenarios.
  • Key dates and activities: This is a calendar running from 18 September 2017 to 27 March 2018 outlining the key dates and actions you need to take for both End-of-Year and Start-of-Year.
  • Training: End of Year self-paced training module: This training module is a very useful tool in your preparation and is available now.
  • EoY Road Map: This is a new tool to help you with EoY. It is a simple flow chart which is clear and easy to follow and will take your through the End-of-Year instructions and help you get the material you need. EoY is not as daunting as you might think.
  • 2017 End of Year instructions: The instructions are divided into a checklist and a guide, which is cross-referenced so you can find the information you need easily. The checklist will help you to get ready for End-of-Year, and the guide acts as a reference where more detailed explanations are required.
  • Holiday Pay Guide: The guide outlines the various scenarios of different employees and how their holiday pay is affected.

Fourth step: View the self-paced learning module first before reading the instructions.

It is easy to run at your own pace. Like a YouTube clip or PowerPoint presentation, you can pause and re-run if required too.

Don't need to do anything for End-of-Year?

Even if you don't have changes to implement for End-of-Year you will still need to log in to Novopay Online and access the EoY screen and click the "EoY Complete" button until you see the "EoY has been completed" message and then you are done.

Terminations in EoY screen

Terminating employees in the End-of-Year screen will remove them from your payroll.

If you have used the EoY screen to process your termination DO NOT also send a NOVO6 form unless their last day of duty has changed from the date you entered online.

If you are uncertain about whether the termination has been submitted you can re-run your End-of-Year report and check that the change has been recorded.

There are some terminations you cannot process in the EoY screen and you will need to submit a Novo6 form. These are:

  • Retirement
  • Medical Retirement
  • Redundancy
  • Fixed Term teachers transferring to another school
Golden rule - process by either Novopay Online or by form - NEVER both!

Terminating Employees: Frequently Asked Questions

When do I terminate an employee, and when do I enter a last day of duty?

In previous years we found that some employees were being terminated when they should have had their last day of duty entered instead. Getting this wrong impacts an employee's holiday pay and when it is due. Please check the End-of-Year instructions for the Self-Paced Learning Module for an explanation of when last day of duty and terminations should be applied, and what you should do in Novopay Online.

What do I enter for a term time only employee who finishes before the end of Term Four date but starts again next year?

1. Last day of duty within 14 calendar days of school end date

If their last day of duty is within 14 calendar days of the school's end date, then enter a last day of duty in the End-of-Year screen.

2. Last day of duty more than 14 calendar days before school end date and returning to the same job

If their last day of duty is more than 14 calendar days before the school's end date, and they are returning to the same job in 2018, then book leave without pay to cover the period from their last day at the school to the school's Term Four end date. In this case, you will not need to enter their last day of duty in the EoY screen, as the school's Term Four end date will become their last day of duty.

3. Last day of duty more than 14 calendar days before school end date and returning to a new job

If their last day of duty is more than 14 calendar days before the school's end date, and they are returning to a new job in 2018, then do not enter a last day of duty in the EoY screen. Instead, treat them as a termination. Complete a NOVO6 to terminate their 2017 job and a NOVO1nt form to restart them in their new job.

What happens if I enter a termination date early?

Once you have terminated an employee in the EoY screen, any further changes for that employee, can't be done online. Any instructions would need to be sent on the appropriate form. By using a Novo 6R form to reverse the termination and then re-submit a new Novo 6 form to reinstate the new termination date.

I put in the correct last day of duty for my staff but now I have run a report and it is showing a different date?

This is an automatic feature of the Novopay system and is in place to ensure holiday pay and re-starting pay in the New Year is properly managed. Rest assured the correct last day of duty is still on record.

Is your end of Term Four date a Friday?

If your school's Term Four end date is a Friday, enter the following Sunday in the End of Term 4 field. This allows Novopay to pay teachers their salary up to the Sunday, and holiday pay from the Monday.

If the school's last day is entered as a Sunday, non-teachers who finish on the last day of school will be paid up to Friday, unless they are rostered to work the Saturday/Sunday. Their annual leave due will be booked from the Monday.

Selecting employees before entering data in the End-of-Year screen

Before you enter data in the End of Year screen in Novopay Online, you must first select the employees you want to change. You do this in the "Select Employee(s) to change" screen.

This screen displays up to 50 employees at a time. Although these employees are displayed in alphabetical order, they are not the first 50 employees of your school by alphabetical order. The system retrieves any 50 employees of your school, and then sorts those employees in alphabetical order on the screen. For this reason, we recommend that when selecting employees to update, you select and make changes to one employee group at a time, e.g. fixed term teachers' , term-time only, auto-paid, etc., as this will make it easier to manage your employee updates in the End of Year screen.

For step-by-step guide to enter data into the End-of-Year screen, visit the EoY instructions on the Novopay website.

Reminder: Leave Bookings for 52 week employees

Please check leave details for 52 week non-teachers. If required, book annual leave for these employees in Novopay Online for present and future pay periods, or through a Novo12 form for retrospective leave dates. This helps to maintain good leave records for these employees. You can check leave details on your school's fortnightly leave report.

Remember to hit the EoY Complete button!

Once you have completed your End of Year work, please remember to press the "EoY Complete" button and wait for a message to appear in red "EOY has been completed". If you believe you do not have any changes to make in the End-of-Year screen, you will also need to press the "EoY complete" button.

We need your holiday season contact

Please send us the name and contact details of your emergency contact person for pay queries over the Christmas holiday break.

If we do not have your holiday contact and a payroll problem occurs to an employee over the holidays and they are underpaid, we won't be able to take corrective action. Please email this information to:

End-of-Year Handy Hints:

# 1 Use a spreadsheet to record staff movements.

Many of the most successful EoY experiences begin with the preparation of a spreadsheet with details of your employees, used to view and record data for End-of-Year processing.

You have a ready-made spreadsheet within Novopay Online called the "End of Year Report" that we encourage you to use as a worksheet. Download this report and start talking to your principal now, gathering employee details for the end of 2017. As each decision is made record it on the report ready for uploading into the End-of-Year screen.

#2 Dip in and out of the process.

A good tip for busy school payroll staff is to dip in and out of the End-of-Year tasks online over the next few months and not leave it all to the last minute. As you have time, or receive information from your decision-makers, record it. We understand that End-of-Year for some looks daunting but breaking-down the various tasks is the key to success.

Even before the EoY screen opens you can start gathering the information needed. Talk to your principal about any changes that will affect your school's payroll e.g., staff leaving.

Work through each task as you have time and you receive information. End-of-Year can be completed one task at a time, as decisions are made - it doesn't have to be done "all in one go".

# 3 Ensure that everyone who participates in EoY is aware of the timelines, and their responsibilities.

This will make your life a lot easier when your colleagues meet their deadlines.