Novopay News 20 October 2017

News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to the latest edition of Novopay News and the first edition for Term 4.

In this edition, we advise you that the End of Year screen is now open and how you should start to get your data entered, even if it's just as and when you have it. We also request that you provide an out-of-hours contact person for the holiday break - something that you may have already passed on to your Payroll Adviser.

There is some information on the updated 2018 Novo23nt that you should use if your staff are choosing annualisation in 2018 and we have now published the 2018 Payroll Calendar. This is a useful resource to print out and keep close to hand when you are processing and submitting payroll instructions.

We would like to notify you of some upcoming improvements to the phone system when calling 0508 NOVOPAY and there is a piece reminding you of the need to book leave for staff on ACC at the start of Term 4.

Finally, we have our regular feature, a Payroll Adviser profile.

Nga manaakitanga,

Donna Delaney, Manager School Account Teams Education Payroll Limited

The End of Year (EoY) Screen is now open

The EoY screen opened on Wednesday, 11 October. We are all working hard to help you enter your EoY data before the EoY screen closes at 5pm on Monday, November 27. This is the date that EoY activity must be completed by to ensure that your employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year.

We know that this time of year is busy for you, and you won't necessarily have all the information you need to complete the End of Year screen until closer to the time that the screen closes. However, you don't need to complete EoY all at once - you can go into the screen, update the information you have, save the information and return to enter more information later. We encourage you to do this so you are comfortable with how the screen works and are completing the information as you go, not rushing at the end.

If you need any help with End of Year please contact your dedicated Payroll Adviser - have your MoE number handy before you call.

End of Year - e-Workshops are available

The End of Year e-Workshops are trainer-led sessions that give you a broad overview of the upcoming End of Year payroll process and outlines specific tasks to prepare you for completing your End of Year activity accurately and on time.

To sign up for an End of Year e-Workshop, you will need to log into the Education Sector Learning Management System and book into a session - the instructions for doing so are below.

Logging in to the LMS:


Click the link - Education Sector Learning Management System (LMS)


Your username is XXX


You can reset your LMS password or retrieve your login details by using the options available from the LMS login page. If you have any problems with your password please contact the Training Services team.

To view the course timetable:


Click the link - Timetable


Click on the session you want to book into.


Click Add Booking.


You will be emailed confirmation of the booking and instructions on how join the training session.

Help and support:

If you have any problems, please contact the Training Services team.

Skype: Training Services
DDI: 04 463 0928

Annualisation - 2018 Novo23nt Annualisation Form available

The 2018 Novo23nt Annualisation form is now accessible on the Novopay Website under Novo Forms.

We have updated the Annualisation page under A-Z of Payroll with helpful information, FAQ's and information for your employee to help understand and work through the process. This year we have included a calendar to use for working out the annualisation calculation as an additional worksheet within the Novo23nt form.

NOTE: We will be releasing the 2018 Novo24nt and 2018 Novo25nt in early 2018.

Out-of-hours contact person over the holiday break

Please advise us of the contact person for pay queries at your school over the holiday break. If we do not have an out-of-hours contact and a payroll query occurs for an employee over the holidays, we won't be able to take corrective action. Either pass your out of hours contact details to your Payroll Adviser or email this information as soon as you can to:

Calling Novopay - improvements to our phone system

As part of the continuous improvements to our service, we are making some changes to our telephone system which will make it easier for you to get through to the right people for assistance.

If you wish to speak with your dedicated Payroll Advisor, you will need to select Option 1 in the Welcome menu - you will be asked to enter your MOE number, instead of your Payroll Adviser's 4-digit queue number, which will then automatically transfer you to your Payroll Adviser. This will make the caller verification process easier and you only need to remember one number for all your interactions with Novopay.

The options for the Debt Management Unit and the Salary Assessment Unit are unchanged (Options 2 and 3 respectively); you won't need to enter your MOE number.

We are adding a new option for the ACC Team (Option 4), so you don't need to call their individual direct numbers anymore; instead you will be placed in a call group, which will direct you to an available member of the ACC Team.

So therefore the options when you call 0508 NOVOPAY will be;

  • 1 - Payroll Adviser (enter your MOE number)
  • 2 - Debt Management Unit
  • 3 - Salary Assessment Unit
  • 4 - ACC Team

These changes come into effect on Thursday, 26 October.

ACC Leave Booking Reminder - Term 4

As we are at the start of Term 4, we would like to remind you that you may need to book leave for employees who are on ACC.

  • If you have employees who are on ACC, please complete and submit a NOVO12 Form to with Attention ACC Team in the subject line.
  • If you have employees who were on ACC claim and have returned to work after the Term 3 break, please let us know by submitting a request via or contacting your designated Payroll Adviser.
  • If you have employees who have returned to work at reduced hours due to an ACC rehabilitation plan, please let us know by submitting a request via or contacting your designated Payroll Adviser (see the item above on changes to our phone system)

We have also updated the ACC page on the Novopay website to help you with the ACC Process. If you have any feedback on the updated page, please email with your comments.

Payroll Adviser profile - meet Sam

EPL Payroll Adviser Sam started working at EPL earlier this year and says he loves working with the 48 primary schools he helps with their fortnightly payroll. He says "I have a friendly relationship with my school admins and I like fact that we are on a first name basis - there are people that I speak to every day so I can really build up a good rapport".

It's a bit of a change for Sam, who previously worked at the Inland Revenue contact centre where he would be speak to different sets of people every day, answering queries and managing information regarding their Working for Families accounts, income tax or general tax queries.

Sam enjoys learning new things and has previously lived in Kyoto, Japan for a year as part of his degree in Japanese, Linguistics and Second Language Education. Outside of work, he plays golf and has been doing so since the age of nine, alongside his sister and parents. Sam also likes to keep fit through visits to the gym and weekly meet ups with his Wellington based dance crew.