Novopay News 9 February 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora,

We are now in the middle of one of the busiest pay periods of the year and are working hard to process the payroll instructions that have been sent in for Pay Period 23.

In this edition of Novopay News we give you a reminder about the documents that are now available for you to complete the School Financial Statement process.

Also in this edition;

  • Updates to Novo forms (16c, 12acc and 23nt)

  • Handy Hint - payslips for employees

Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR), Leave Liability Reports and Error Schedules

This is a reminder that the SAAR and Leave Liability Reports are now available to download from Novopay Online. To do so, go to the My Reporting tab -> School Reports -> School Annual Accrual or Other Reports respectively -> click on PDF (for SAAR) or CSV (for Leave Liability Reports) to download each of the reports.

The Error Schedules with information on Stop Pays, Overpayments and Funding Code errors were sent by email directly to your school's principal on 5 February 2018.

You need this information to complete the payroll section of your 2017 School Financial Statement.

More information on the School Financial Statement process, and instructions on how to reconcile the SAAR, Leave Liability Reports and Error Schedules in the Financial Statement, are available from the Ministry of Education's website here.

You can also check out the Novopay website for information about the annual School Audit.

Form updates

We have recently updated a number of the Novo forms on our website. Please ensure that you are always using the most up-to-date version of the Novo forms by downloading them directly from the forms page on the website.

NOVO16c update

We have added an additional note to the Novo16c Smart Form. The note is a reminder that if a primary teacher who holds the Advance Classroom Expertise Teacher Allowance (ACET), is appointed to the Community of Learning Teacher (Between Schools) role, they will no longer qualify for the ACET allowance. The ACET allowance will be ceased from the date of appointment to the Community of Learning Teacher (Between Schools) role.

Please be aware that if the employee is being paid above their qualification maximum, they will also drop back to their qualification maximum at the same time.

NOVO12acc update - ACC Leave and ACC Partial Duties Bookings

The NOVO12acc ACC Leave and ACC Partial Duties Bookings form was created for employees who are on ACC Leave and ACC Partial Duties. The form allows for all ACC leave taken by an employee to be booked, including future dated ACC leave. It also allows changes to a leave period and any hours worked whilst on ACC (if applicable).

To view all available ACC leave codes, you must scroll down in the Leave Code fields (Fields 14 and 20). 'Other leave types' is to be used for 'Reverse Booking Type' only and details can be advised in the Comments section of the form (Field 22).

If an employee is working partial hours, please advise their hours worked for each day of the week, including when the employee does not work any hours for that day as we will need to book fully unfit leave for this date.

Please note: To make sure all ACC related leave bookings are processed on time, you must use the latest version of the NOVO12acc which can be found on the forms page of the Novopay website.

Minutes to Payroll Decimal Hours tool - Novo23nt

We have added a new tab to the Novo23nt Annualisation Smart Form to help with converting minutes to a decimal.

This tool may be helpful to use with other Smart Forms where a minutes to decimal conversion is needed, such as when completing a Novo2nt. This tool can be found in the A-Z of Payroll on the Novopay website or by clicking here to download now.

Handy Hint - Payslips for employees

Payslips are sent to education sector employees who have opted to receive payslips via email every fortnight.

Why has an employee not received a payslip?

  • If an email address is not provided by the employee when they are set up in the payroll system, a physical payslip is only posted to the employee if the net pay that they receive that pay period is different to the normal amount that they receive in a pay period.

  • If the employee does not receive pay in a pay period (for example, if they are a term time only employee), they will not receive a payslip.

Email payslips are password protected - the password to open the payslip is the employee's 7-digit MoE number. If the employee's MoE number is only 5 or 6 digits, they should add zeros to the front, e.g. 12345 becomes 0012345, and 123456 becomes 0123456. The MoE number is not the same as a teacher registration number. The employee's MoE number is provided to school's Authorised User of Novopay when their job is set up.

Below is a handy link to help employees with their payslips: