Novopay News - 21 May 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

In our 18 April edition of Novopay News, our CE Arlene White talked about the work we've been doing creating the future of schools payroll. We continue to work closely with our customers - Authorised Users and Principals such as yourself - to ensure that we get EdPay right. We are still in the testing phase, and if you're not currently part of that group, we promise to give you plenty of notice for when EdPay is available to your school.

Moving towards a future with EdPay means that the naming of some things will change. This Novopay News will be renamed soon, so don't be surprised when it arrives in your mailbox under a different banner. It will continue to contain useful information about managing your school's payroll.

In this edition of Novopay News:

  • Annual Reports and School Financial Statements are due
  • Proposed Industrial Action - 29 May
  • Update email address
  • Queen's Birthday - 03 June
  • Reminder: NOVO25nt no longer required

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Annual Reports and School Financial Statements are due

This is just a reminder that you need to submit your school's Annual Report (including the audited financial statements) to the Ministry of Education by Friday 31 May 2019.

More information on the School Financial Statement process is available on the Ministry's website.

Proposed Industrial Action - 29 May

On Wednesday 29 May 2019, many school employees may participate in industrial action. This impacts employees who are covered by the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement, Primary Principals' Collective Agreement, and Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement.

Information on the strike can be found on the NZEI and PPTA websites.

Advice for Boards of Trustees can be found on the NZSTA website.

As all employees who are NZEI or PPTA members covered by these Collectives are assumed to be striking, we need to ensure that Education Payroll is notified of all those who do not participate in order for their pay to be reflected accurately.

On the morning of the strike, all schools who have impacted staff will be emailed a spreadsheet of union members to be filled out and returned to the Novopay service centre. This needs to be returned even if there are no changes.

The spreadsheet contains the names of the employees who are NZEI or PPTA members and a column for the principal to mark with an X to indicate if the employee did not participate in the strike. If an employee is part-time, you will also need to indicate the hours normally worked on that Wednesday between 7am and 7pm.

Detailed instructions will be available in the spreadsheet. Completed spreadsheets need to be returned via email to by 5pm Thursday 30 May 2019.

Please note:

  • This mailbox will not be monitored for feedback. Please only send through the spreadsheet.
  • You must return the spreadsheet in the format provided. We cannot accept PDFs, Google Docs, photos, etc.

An Alert with more information will be put on the Novopay website closer to the time.

Update email address

Please remember to keep your email address up to date with Education Payroll. We need to ensure we can communicate with all Authorised Users and Principals within your school throughout the year.

Industrial Action spreadsheets will be sent to the principal's email we have on record, so let us know if you believe it's not up to date.

Use a NOVO5 (PDF) and click "Updating Details" for question 1. The form still needs to be signed, but can be emailed to

If you need to update an employee at your school's email address, use a NOVO3 (PDF).

Queen's Birthday - 03 June

Due to the Queen's Birthday public holiday, you will only receive two SUE Reports for Pay Period 05:

  • First Draft SUE will be available on Thursday 30 May, and includes Termination Pay
  • Final Draft SUE will be available on Saturday 01 June

You will not receive a second Draft SUE. STOP PAYS will continue as normal on Tuesday 04 June.

Reminder: NOVO25nt no longer required

A NOVO25nt is no longer required when cancelling an annualisation. Annualisation can be cancelled when either an employee has terminated their position, voluntarily cancels their annualisation, or has taken more than two consecutive weeks of leave without pay.

Annualisation cancellation details can now be provided on the NOVO2nt (Field 18a) and on the NOVO6 (Field 7). There is no need for an additional NOVO25nt form.