15 December 2017 - Novopay News

News for School Payroll Staff

Kia ora,

We are into the final stretch of the year and there are just ten days left until Christmas Day.

Now that you have completed your End of Year processing, it is time to work on entering Start of Year (SoY) data for employees at your school. The SoY screen opened in Novopay Online this week. It's a great idea to enter any information that you have available to you to get ahead before the New Year.

This issue of Novopay News includes:

- Key SoY dates

- Road Map to print and follow as you process Start of Year

- Information about the SoY Screen and Tool Box and the Pay Ending Report

- Handy hints from our Payroll Advisers to help you when filling out Novo23nt forms to annualise support staff.

- Important information regarding payroll processing dates for Pay Period 20

- Clarification regarding the cut-off for Pay Period 19 bank stops

- Information about contacting Payroll Advisers on Friday, 22 December

- Plus there is an update on the 2017 annual reporting and school audit process

- Our regular Payroll Adviser Profile (with a particularly Christmassy photo!)

There is also a fact sheet showing how the Payroll Calendar can be used to work out the days that annualised employees are entitled to. We hope that you find this useful.

I would like to wish you and your families a safe and restful break.

Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

Start of Year (SoY) screen open

The Start of Year (SoY) Screen opened in Novopay Online on Wednesday, 13 December

CRITICAL TO KNOW: To ensure the correct payment for staff returning to school in January, please complete all online Start of Year tasks by Wednesday 24 January 2018.


Print out the Start of Year Road Map and keep it close to you as you do the SoY tasks.

  • The road map has a flowchart to guide you through the Start of Year tasks to complete.

  • By completing the Start of Year tasks, it ensures that your school employees are paid accurately and on time.


You can enter your school's payroll information into the SoY screen as and when it becomes available to you. You should submit data for employees that you have confirmed information for prior to leaving for the summer break.

For staff returning in February 2018, the SoY screen will remain open until late March.

Start of Year Tool Box

Go to the Novopay home page to see a blue tool box with all the documents that you will need when preparing for, and processing, Start of Year.

The Tool Box includes links to:

Pay Ending Report

Download the Pay Ending Report from Novopay Online to help you complete Start of Year. The Pay Ending Report can be used to:

  • identify employees whose occupancies are due to end soon, and who will not be paid after their occupancy ends

  • terminate employees who have already left your school, but whose occupancies have not been terminated in the payroll system.

If an employee, regardless of their status, is displayed on the Pay Ending report and is not restarted, their pay will cease on the date displayed on the Pay Ending report.

Please see page 9 of the Start of Year Instructions for information on how to download the Pay Ending Report.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start of Year Save and Submit

When you are entering information for employees in the SoY screen, you may receive a message similar to the screen shot from last year's SoY screen below. This means you have not saved and submitted the Job Start and End Dates, before making any other changes for that employee.

Please follow this process for each employee:

  1. Firstly enter only the new start date and new end date for the employee.

  2. Press 'save' and 'submit' in the SoY screens.

  3. Select the employee in SoY again.

  4. Update any other changes required, like a change in hours, or a LWOP booking.

Reference: SoY Instructions, Page 9

If you enter more than the Start and End Date information when you first process the employee in SoY screens you will receive the error message above.

Handy hints - Completing Novo23nts for Annualised Employees

Our School Account Team Payroll Advisers have been triaging the Novo23nt forms received into the pay centre before processing them. They have noticed a number of common errors on the submitted Novo23nt forms we are receiving from schools.

To help you out with making sure that the 2018 annualisation forms are completed correctly first time, below are tips from Payroll Advisers to help you complete the Novo23nt form.

If you follow these Payroll Adviser tips, it will ensure that the 2018 annualisation forms are completed correctly:

  • Make sure you complete all of the mandatory fields on the form - only Field 17 (Allowances) is not mandatory. Field 7 ('Job Number') is often missed. Remember that he form cannot be processed if mandatory fields are not filled and will be returned to you. This can lead to delays and in some cases we may not be able to set up annualisation for your employees within the required deadline. 
  • When filling out Field 10 ('Additional Paid Holiday Entitlement') for 2018, you will only be adding one day for The Day After Boxing Day to those administration staff who were paid on the administration pay scale prior 28 June 2015, and who have not completed 10 years' service as yet. All new administration staff appointed from 28 June 2015 are not entitled to this day.

  • Easter Tuesday falls during term time for 2018 and therefore has been included in 'Weeks Worked During Year' (Field 8)" and should not be included in Field 10 ('Additional Paid Holiday Entitlement').
  • Ensure that you check the pay step (Field 14) for the employee correctly.

  • Any Public Holidays that fall within the 'Weeks Worked During Year' (Field 8) for employees are not to be counted again or added into any other fields on the form.

  • Employees who work 5 days a week on their annualised job are entitled to be paid for all Public holidays that fall during the Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 vacation periods up to the day after new year's day

  • Employees who work less than 5 days are only entitled to be paid for those public holidays that fall on days they normally work. For example, if your employee works Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are entitled to be paid for ANZAC Day as it falls on a Wednesday in 2018.

  • Returning employees in the Auckland, Wellington or Nelson regions are entitled to be paid for their regional holiday for 2018.

  • An employee who reaches five years of service during the annualisation period (31 January 2018 - 30 January 2019) will be entitled to 4.6 weeks annual leave (e.g. if they will complete 5 years' service on 30 June 2018, you would enter 4.6 weeks annual leave in Field 11). This is the same rule for employees reaching ten years' service - at which point they receive five weeks annual leave.

  • If you click on Field 4 ('Tenure Status'), the form gives you the option to select 'Permanent' or 'Fixed-Term'. This field is often missed - the same goes for Fields 18 and 19 ('Annual Increment' and 'Five Days Worked Per Week?'). With these fields, you need to select 'Yes' or 'No'

  • Make sure you are using the current grades such as 'GRDA'. Some forms have been coming in with 'Admin' or 'Assoc' in Field 13 ('Pay Grade').

  • If you have an employee who has more than one job that is eligible for annualisation and wishes to be annualised, this is possible. You will need to complete a NOVO23nt form for each of the jobs that are to be annualised.

On the annualisation page  of the Novopay website are two examples of how to use the annual calendar on the second tab of the Novo23nt to figure out the days that annualised employees are entitled to. Click here to download the flyer.

Key SoY dates

Important information about payroll processing dates for Pay Period 20

The pay cycle for Pay Period 20 has been altered due to the public holiday days that occur over this period. In a normal pay period, the pay would be processed on the evening before the pay day (Tuesday, 2 January) however Monday, 1 January and Tuesday, 2 January are public holidays and therefore the banks will not be open to process the pay.

Therefore the pay day for Pay Period 20 will occur on Friday, 29 December instead of Wednesday, 3 January. This change of pay day means that there are also changes to payroll cut-offs and SUE Reports as outlined below in an altered pay cycle.

CRITICAL TO KNOW: There will be no Stop Pays possible for Pay Period 20. Therefore, it is very important that the Draft SUE is checked to enable any changes to be made before the pay is run. Any Stop Pay adjustments (Novo31s) will need to be submitted by 12.00pm on Thursday, 21 December.

*This was revised for clarification on 14 December to include Pay Period 19's Final SUE and cut-off for Bank Stops on Tuesday, 19 December. Urgent Stop Pay adjustments for Pay Period 19 will be available on Monday, 18 December. Terminations will appear on the second Draft SUE on Saturday, 16 December.

Christmas Opening Hours on Friday, 22 December

The Novopay Service Team will close at 2.00 pm on Friday, 22 December. Your Payroll Advisers will be accepting phone calls as per usual until 2pm. To contact your Payroll Adviser after this time, please send through an email that will be answered at our earliest convenience.

2017 Audit Update

The annual reporting and school audit process is starting soon. All relevant reports will be available on Monday, 5 February 2018 and will be in a similar format to previous year.

The following reports will be available for download from Novopay Online:

  • School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR)

  • Leave Liability Reports

The reports below will be sent to your school's principal by email:

  • Overpayments Error Schedule

  • Stop Pays Error Schedule

  • Funding Code Error Schedule

Payroll Adviser profile - meet Alex

Payroll Adviser Alex hails from Beverley, East Yorkshire in the U.K and has lived on and off in New Zealand for the past few years with his partner Ben.

He has worked at Education Payroll in a number of roles, starting off on the Novopay Service Desk before becoming a Payroll Adviser for a set number of schools.

Alex has recently returned from a six month sabbatical during which time he travelled to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Scotland, and the U.K. His final stop was Northern India, where he spent ten days in silence at a Buddhist retreat before returning to New Zealand.

In his previous roles he has mostly worked in customer service and banking, including a position as Chief Cashier at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Alex likes to spend his spare time going to the cinema and hanging out with friends. He has recently started training for the Wellington Round The Bays 10K run in February and will be focussing on running at the weekends this summer.