Novopay News - 05 April 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

Pay Period 01 has begun! Thank you to everyone who submitted instructions with plenty of time for us to process them before the end of the tax year.

We had a great response to our EOY/SOY survey - we really appreciate when you give us feedback as we're always looking for ways to continuously improve our service.

In this edition of Novopay News:

  • Day Relievers and their relationship with your school
  • Salary Assessment page, FAQ and Checklist
  • Correct email address
  • Reminder: New contribution rates for KiwiSaver

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Day Relievers and their relationship with your school

Please remember that if you have a Day Reliever working at your school, you are considered their employer. This includes day relievers that you might engage through an agency.

Day Relievers may sometimes ask you as their employing school to help with an administrative task for Novopay (for example, change the address loaded on the payroll system, or have a payslip re-sent to them). As their employer, you have an obligation to help in the same way that you would any other teacher at your school. They aren't able to contact Novopay directly so must go through one of their employing schools.

If the Day Reliever meets the service requirement for an increment to the next step on the salary scale on a day that they were at your school, you may also be asked to attest that the reliever performed satisfactorily. Please note that it's a different measure than for a permanent or fixed term teacher. You don't have to have assessed them against the professional standards; you only have to confirm whether or not the reliever's performance was satisfactory.

Salary Assessment page, FAQ and Checklist

Please visit the Salary Assessment page before sending through a Salary Assessment application to ensure that your forms and supporting documents are right first time.

It has Frequently Asked Questions and a Checklist for submitting applications (PDF) to assist with the application.

Correct Email Address

When sending information through to the Novopay Service Centre, please ensure you are using the correct email address. For new payroll requests please submit the information to to ensure your request is categorised and allocated to your Payroll Advisor correctly.

If responding to an email from Novopay, please use (if you hit "reply" on the email, it will do this automatically). This will prevent you from receiving another ticket number and generating a new request.

If you are sending in a salary assessment application, please use

Reminder: New contribution rates for KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver members will now have two new contribution rates: 6% and 10%. This means your employees can choose from 3%, 4%, 6%, 8%, or 10%. Members may change their contribution rate at any time by advising their employer.

Please send a NOVO29 - KiwiSaver Enrolment and Changes (PDF) and KS2 form (KiwiSaver Deduction) to advise new contribution rates.