Novopay News - 02 November 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

November is already here and we are now in the middle of our busiest time on the payroll calendar. Between now and the end of the year, we will be making sure everything is in place for your employees to be paid accurately and on time over the holiday period. Please ensure you do your part by completing End of Year before 5pm Monday 26 November.

In this edition of Novopay News we have some important information about the proposed Industrial Action later this month.

Also in this edition:

  • Reminder: End of Year Screens are open
  • Salary Assessment switching to Smart Forms
  • Changes to NOVO23nt
  • Court fines and other deductions to employee pay
  • Reminder: Employees no longer receive a posted payslip

Nga mihi

Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Proposed November Industrial Action

Between 12-16 November, those employees covered by the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement and Primary Principals' Collective Agreement are scheduled to participate in rolling strikes.

For more information on the strike itself, please visit:



Our process will be similar to the 15 August Industrial Action.

On the day of your school's strike date, your principal will be emailed a spreadsheet of union members to be filled out and returned to the Novopay service centre. This needs to be returned by 5pm the day after the strike in your region - even if there are no changes.

You can check your school's strike date here:

Detailed instructions will be available in the spreadsheet itself. Completed spreadsheets need to be returned via email to

Please note:

  • This mailbox will not be monitored for feedback. Please only send through the spreadsheet.
  • You must return the spreadsheet in the format provided. We cannot accept PDFs, Google Docs, photos, etc.

Due to when the Industrial Action falls in the payroll cycle, any strike deductions will not be processed until PP201918 (payday: 05 December).

Reminder: End of Year screens are open

End of Year screens have been open for over three weeks now and many of you have already started entering details for the holiday period.

If you still haven't started, be sure to familiarise yourself with the support materials available on the Novopay website.

Screens close 5pm Monday 26 November, by which time all instructions must be entered and the "EOY Complete" button pressed. It is the school's responsibility to ensure the process is complete before the deadline.

Salary Assessment Switching to Smart Forms

Over the past 11 months we have seen a huge move towards Smart Form use. We want to thank everyone who has come along this journey with us as it has made a huge difference in enabling us to pay your employees accurately and on time.

Please be advised that Salary Assessment will no longer accept handwritten Salary Assessment Forms from 03 December 2018.

If you are not yet familiar with Smart Forms or are still sending in handwritten forms, please visit the Smart Forms page on the Novopay website for more information.

Changes to NOVO23nt

A friendly reminder that the new Annualisation form (NOVO23nt) is available for 2019. Annualisation allows permanent and fixed-term, term-time only Support Staff who meet the criteria to have their projected earnings for a 12 month period spread across the whole year. This means they receive equal fortnightly pays for the equivalent of a year. The new NOVO23nt includes the public holidays that fall during the term break (such as ANZAC day, Christmas day etc.) in the calculation of weeks worked. For more information on what can be included in the annualisation see clause 1.6.5 of the Support Staff collective agreement.

Please note - Additional hours for a Term Time Only employee requires a timesheet. This is the same for Term Time Only employees who have chosen to have their salary annualised.

Mac-compatible version

Based on your feedback, we have also created a NOVO23nt that works better for those of you who use a Macintosh computer.

You can find it on the Forms page, beneath the regular NOVO23nt.

Court fines and other deductions to employee pay

If a school receives a court fine or any other deduction (e.g. from WINZ) for an employee's pay these should be sent into the Novopay Service Centre for processing.

Attach the document in an email, mention what sort of deduction it is in the subject line, and send it through to

Reminder: Employees no longer receive a posted payslip

We have discontinued the use of posted payslips.

If an employee informs you they have not received their payslip via email, their email address may not be up-to-date in our system. This can be updated using a NOVO3 form (Employee Details Change).