News for School Payroll Staff

Welcome to the new edition of Novopay News

Screens for End of Year open next week - hopefully you are all ready and raring to go. The website has lots of helpful information, including the instructions, self-paced learning modules and the flyer with key dates.

This issue of Novopay News also has some information and tips for End of Year, including some help with managing occupancy end dates.

There's also information about our new school account management system and how you can access it and about a remediation we are correcting.


Mathew Gordon, Manager School Account Teams Education Payroll Limited

The new School Account Team model

Back in July we told you we were moving to a new way of working with you - an account management model. We have now got the new model in place and all our payroll advisers are now working in this way.

The new model, where schools have a dedicated Payroll Advisor who deal with all their inquiries and pay processing needs, is a result of our work with the State Services Commission on a programme called "Better Every Day".

You can see more about that on the website.

This new way of working assigns a group of schools directly to a Payroll Advisor with each Payroll Advisor being part of a small team. This means even if your personal payroll advisor is unavailable for any reason your query will be picked up by another member of their team.

We have been contacting schools to let them know who they should contact now for all their payroll queries. If you haven't been contacted yet look out for an email in your inbox. We will also be calling during the start of term four to introduce ourselves.

To help you make contact with the right person or team we have been providing four digit queue numbers to each school. It is very important that you use that number when you call to make sure you are directed to your dedicated Payroll Advisor or their team so they can help you.

We are very excited about the introduction of this new way of working for both you and us. We are confident that as a result of this change, you will get a better, more personal and faster service to your queries.

End of Year Screens open soon

The EoY screens will open next week on Wednesday October 12. Completing the EoY/SoY process ensures that your employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year, and that employees who are starting or returning in 2017 are set up correctly on the payroll. If this is your first EoY/SoY, don't worry; there are plenty of opportunities for training and support to help get you through it successfully.

For those of you that have gone through EoY/SoY before, you will be glad to know the process is mostly the same as last year, with updated instructions for the 2016-2017 period.

Preparing your employee information now will help to ensure that you have a successful EoY/SoY this year

Submitting your school's instructions early means you can avoid the peak processing period at the start of term one and allow time for any amendments or corrections that might be needed. We realise this might not be practical, as many staffing decisions occur between the end of term four and the beginning of term one. Please aim to do as much as you can as early as possible.

EoY/SoY: Key activities

To make sure you're on track to complete your school's EoY processing by 28 November, we recommend that by now you have:

  • Reviewed the updated Novopay End of Year 2016 Instructions to assist you through the EoY process
  • Run through the self-paced learning module
  • Printed off your End of Year report from NOL, and reviewed it with your Principal or school leader to check that the data is correct. Use this report to gather employee information for your end of year processing, including employee last day of duty and termination information. For more information refer to the Novopay End of Year 2016 Instructions.

Also, please remember to:

Ensure that your school's authorised users have access to NOL and check that your password is still valid as they do expire every 60 days. If you need to reset your password, please contact the Novopay Service Centre at or on 0508 668 6729.

Check that your computer's browser is up to date. For best results, use version 10.0 or higher if using Internet Explorer, and version 23 or higher for Firefox. If your school uses a different browser, we recommend using either Internet Explorer or Firefox, at least for EoY/SoY processing. Google Chrome works but is not formally supported by Novopay. If you have problems while using Chrome, please change to Explorer or Firefox.

EoY/SoY Key dates

EoY screens will remain open through to 28 November. To ensure the correct and timely payment of your employees' holiday pay, please ensure you complete the updated employee payroll information in NOL by 28 November.

Please note SoY screens open later than usual this year. You might want to start your preparations before EoY screens close and SoY screens open.

Below are some key EoY/SoY dates to note:

11 October EoY e-workshops start

12 October EoY screens open

24 October SoY self-paced learning module starts

Early November Start preparations for Start of Year processing

28 November Complete End of Year processing by this date

14 December Start of Year screens open

End of Year - Tips and Tricks

Update the occupancy end date for Fixed Term employees whose end date is earlier than their last day of work at the school for 2016.

If the Last day of Duty for Fixed Term employee's is later than their occupancy date (the end date of their Fixed Term), you will have to update their occupancy end date by submitting a NOVO2t for teachers or a NOVO2nt for non-teachers.

Refer to the website for more details.

The "occupancy end date" is the end date loaded in Novopay for an employee's job.

The "Last Day of Duty" is the last day on which an employee will work in 2016

Send this as soon as possible, so it can be processed before you need to complete End of Year processing.


The school's Term 4 end date is now Thursday, 22nd December 2016.

NOVO2t's need to be submitted to extend these Jobs occupancy to Thursday, 22nd December 2016.

In the End of Year screens:

If the employee's last day of duty is the same as the school's Term 4 end date, then no action is required.

If their last day of duty is different from the school's Term 4 end date, then see Last day of duty on page 9 in End of Year instructions for the action you need to take.

Entering a last day of duty does not automatically terminate an employee.

Remediation for allowances paid on leave

We are currently correcting an outstanding system issue related to allowances paid on leave. The correction of the defect, which has been in effect since the Novopay system went live, is happening in this pay period 14.

The issue which has now been fixed relates to how some allowances have been paid to employees who were on leave for some leave types. The remedy will be back payments of varying amounts.

Employees who will receive a back payment of more than $10 (net of tax and deductions) have been sent a letter and affected schools have been informed by email. Employees of 1479 schools will be impacted by this change.

Some of these back payments will come from schools' operational funding. In a small amount of schools where the payment will impact operational funding by more than 1% the principal and authorised user have been contacted directly.