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A message from Education Payroll Services

Hello and welcome back to the start of Term 1!

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to start the New Year. I was pleased to see how well the End-of-Year payroll process went for most of you. I heard many stories of schools going above and beyond to get things over the line. I appreciate your extra efforts to make sure things ran as smoothly as possible.

Now we're into Start-of-Year, another busy time, so I'll keep my message brief. Please take a moment to review your Pay Ending Report to confirm job occupancy dates for your fixed term and term time only employees. There are actions you must take to ensure these employees continue to be paid. If you need a SoY refresher, training is still available to assist you.

In this edition of the newsletter we announce a change to the way we refer to SUE reports, remind you of changes for secondary teachers and principals, effective PP23, and provide 2015 banking staffing rates for your reference. We have two new sections of content now available on the Novopay website and have information about the attestation report-a topic you've been asking about lately.

Happy reading

Deb Moran
Associate Deputy Secretary
Education Payroll Service

SoY: Confirming job start dates for your fixed term and term time only (TTO) employees

The PP23 deadline to process job start dates for your fixed term and TTO employees has now passed. Please submit instructions as soon as possible, if you haven't already, to ensure employees are paid correctly this year.

Please refer to your Pay Ending report for employee occupancy dates and complete one of the following actions, as soon as possible:

1. If they are returning to the same job, and their start date falls in the current or a future pay period, you can complete this step in the Start of Year screens. If you need to backdate the request, please complete a NOVO2t/nt form (Pay Details Change for Teachers) and submit to the Novopay Service Centre.

2. If they are starting a new job at your school, please complete a NOVO6 form (Termination/End of employment) to terminate the previous job and then complete a NOVO1t/nt form (New Appointment) to start the new job and submit both to the Novopay Service Centre.

3. If they are not returning to your school in the New Year please complete a NOVO6 form (Termination/End of employment) and submit to the Novopay Service Centre. Completing this step ensures departing employees receive any Holiday Pay owed on termination.

4. If you terminated an employee at the end of last year but they are returning to a new job, please complete a NOVO1t/nt form (New Appointment) and submit it to the Novopay Service Centre. If they're returning to the same job, please complete a NOVO6r form (Termination Reversal) to reverse the termination, and a NOVO2 form (Pay Details Change for Teachers).

Please remember you can use the Start of Year screen through February and March for payroll changes for employees who are returning within the current pay period.

Novopay Online training

Starting Monday 2 February Training Services will resume the online Novopay training courses that were offered in 2014. These are designed to give you greater confidence when completing Novopay processes.

Courses available are: Filtering SUE reports, Pivot Tables for SUE Reports, File and Email Management, Novopay Online Basics, An Introduction to Novopay Online, and Timesheets.  To sign up for a course, access a module, or for further information, please visit the training section of the Novopay website.

If you'd like support completing your final Start of Year tasks, SoY training is still available. Please visit the Novopay website to book.

Secondary teachers' 3rd tranche rate increase in PP23

This week we posted an alert to the Novopay website reminding you the third tranche of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement, effective 28 January 2015, will be paid out in PP23. Click here to read more.

Principals' provisional staffing roll changes in PP23

Also on the Novopay website this week, an alert about provisional staffing roll changes for principals, effective 28 January and paid out in PP23. Click here for more information.

Attestation report information and tips

You've been asking us about your attestation report and the information it contains. Last year we prepared a fact sheet covering general attestation facts, as well as specifics for teachers and non-teachers.

This information is available in the Tools to help you section of the Novopay website.

A new way of describing SUE reports

In response to feedback from schools, we have changed the way we refer to SUE reports to make it less confusing and to better reflect what they are used for.

The information contained in the SUE reports remains the same. The only change we have made is the way we refer to them.

Draft SUE is now called First draft SUE

Available on the second Thursday (day 9) of the pay period, this report shows what is intended to be paid at the next pay run, but does not include final pay for terminated employees. It is used to check that instructions appear correctly.

Final SUE is now called Second draft SUE

Available on second Monday (day 13) of the pay period, this report shows what is about to go into the pay run. Used to check final pay and check that corrections have been made.

Final final SUE is now called Final SUE

Available on second Tuesday (day 14) of the pay period, this report reflects the actual pay run and forms part of the school's financial records.

This change is effective immediately. Please remember to use the new terminology when communicating with the Novopay Service Centre for any issues relating to your SUE report.

Banking Staffing rate increase for 2015

The next banking staffing report, distributed on Wednesday 4 February 2015, will display banking staffing rates for the 2015 year.

The 2015 recovery rate remains the same as last year at $67,000 + GST, but the reimbursement rate has increased from $52,500 + GST in 2014 to $53,500 + GST for 2015.

Novopay website enhancements

Even though we are in the midst of SoY processing, we continue to move forward with our programme of website enhancements. Our aim is to improve the information and guidelines available to schools.

This week you will see two new sections of content available on the website.

Fortnightly pay (found on the home page under the How to tab)

In the Fortnightly pay section, we present a comprehensive picture of the fortnightly pay cycle with information on managing tickets, cut-off times for pay instructions, checking SUE reports and more. This section takes you through the necessary tasks you must complete to ensure employees' pay and entitlements are paid accurately and on time.

Even if you're an experienced administrator we recommend you review this section for an overall picture of the pay cycle, from the start to finish.

Reports (a new tab found at the top of each screen)

The Reports section provides a complete explanation of each report, including its purpose, how it can be used, and the retention requirements for each.

Website feedback

To assist with the ongoing development of the Novopay website, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Feedback link at the bottom of the Novopay website's home page to tell us what you think.

To contact us

If you've checked the Novopay website but still need to speak to someone, the Contact us tab on the homepage provides up to date contact points for school employees, including relievers, and Novopay authorised users.

As an authorised user, the Novopay Service Centre is your first point of contact for payroll issues. You can email the team at or call them on 0508 668 6729 from 8:30am to 5:00pm during the week.



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If you are a Novopay Authorised User, and would like to update your email address, please download and complete a NOVO5 form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. If you are no longer a Novopay Authorised User, please download and complete a NOVO5c form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. It can take up to two weeks to process these changes. We thank you for your patience.