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29 August 2014

A message from Education Payroll Services

Welcome to the latest edition of Novopay News. Our programme of enhancement work continues to progress with website content updates and preparation for the End of Year/Start of Year (EoY/SoY) period-it will be here before we know it!

EoY/SoY training starts at the end of September with EoY screens opening in Novopay Online (NOL) at the end of October. In this edition we provide you with some housekeeping tips to ensure you feel as prepared as you can. We will continue to provide updates and tips over the next few months as we lead into EoY/SoY. We also have an update for you on the process of transitioning the management of schools payroll service to the Government-owned company.

Happy reading

Rebecca Elvy
Associate Deputy Secretary, Education Payroll Services

Update on management of schools payroll service

Good progress is being made on completing the formal processes required to establish the new Government-owned company that will manage the schools payroll from October 17.

The work that is being done during this transition phase aims to achieve a smooth transfer from Talent2 to the Government-owned company without any disruption to you, your schools or school staff.

No major changes to any part of the payroll service or personnel are anticipated during the transition phase - we are committed to ensuring the transition runs as smoothly as possible. Current service levels and processes will be maintained throughout with the full support of Talent2. In addition, Talent2 staff working on the schools payroll will be transitioned to the new company. This means you can continue to benefit from their expertise.

We will continue to provide updates on this transition in subsequent editions of Novopay News.

Novopay website enhancements

As part of our ongoing enhancement programme, we are in the process of updating and developing content for the Novopay website. Our aim is to improve the information and guidelines available to schools.

Training and payroll codes are the first topics to receive a refresh. The Training section was recently updated in time for the launch of our new courses in July. We have updated this further to improve your access to the courses that suit you best.

Training Services now offers both trainer-led and self-paced training options on a range of topics including the basics of using NOL and other core payroll functions.

Have a look at what's on offer and how to access different modes of training here.

If you have any questions about training, please phone the Training Services team on 04 463 0928 or email them at

Payroll codes have been updated and arranged so you can find the codes you need quickly.

. Designation codes have been categorised into Primary, Secondary and Area schools so you can find the codes valid for your school type.

. A new page has been added that sets out which class codes to use when completing NOVO1nt and NOVO2nt forms.

. A section outlining how to complete grade and step fields on NOVO1nt and NOVO2nt forms for Caretakers, Cleaners and Groundskeepers is now included.

. The Deduction code list has been updated to remove invalid codes.

As payroll codes have been updated, we recommend destroying any printed copies of code lists you may have been using. By using the current code list available on the website, you reduce the risk of submitting a payroll request that cannot be processed due to invalid information.

Content improvements to the Novopay website are ongoing so please check back regularly. The website should be your first port of call for payroll updates and information, including through EoY/SoY and beyond.

Getting ready for End of Year/Start of Year (EoY/SoY)

We're gearing up for EoY/SoY with lots of preparatory work underway. Our aim is to ensure you are well-equipped for EoY/SoY before the EoY screens open on 28 October 2014.

Webinars and new and improved user instructions will be available 29 September 2014 with new forms and other tools available soon. We are also setting up support teams so we're ready to manage the increased volumes experienced through this period.

In order to make this EoY/SoY run smoothly, we encourage you to prepare for it before it starts. We will help you do this by sharing housekeeping tips and tricks below from our team of Education Payroll Advisors (EPAs). This feature will continue through subsequent editions of this newsletter.

Tips, Tricks and Timesavers

Our EPAs provide on-the-ground support to those of you who need it. They are a useful source of information for payroll processing and for timesaving tips and tricks. In this edition they provide information about payroll best practices.

Payroll record-keeping

Payroll record-keeping falls into two categories:

1. Records an employer must keep to meet various legislative requirements for document retention of payroll records, and

2. Records that schools must keep to support annual financial statements.

Good record-keeping practices can protect you in the event of a dispute. We recommend you keep all records for seven years.

For more information on the types of records you should be filing and for helpful links about payroll record-keeping please visit the Novopay website.


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