News for School Payroll Staff

Kia Ora,

We will be sending out the ACC levy invoices to you soon. For details please see our first story.

We have been getting good attendance at our conference workshops and we have had some very lively and informative discussions about Novopay. Our next conference is in Wellington on 3 August.

The year is flying by and who would believe that End of Year is on the horizon.

Because of the pressures on payroll administration towards the end of the year we would encourage everyone to stay on top of your payroll housekeeping such as ensuring your terminations of staff are up-to-date.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

ACC levy invoices available shortly

Your annual ACC levy invoices will be available via Novopay Online (NOL) from Tuesday 8 August. To access the invoice, log into NOL, visit the My Reporting tab and choose ACC EoY.

This is your 2017 ACC annual levy invoice. The levy is based on net leviable earnings and will be deducted from your school's bank account on Tuesday 5 September 2017.

For more information about payments and rates that make up this year's levy visit the Novopay website.

CES Conference in Wellington

A CES conference will be held in Wellington on Thursday 3 August, Westpac Stadium where Education Payroll will be running a workshop.

Our two facilitators from Education Payroll are Business Improvement Advisor, Martin Warr, and School Account Team leader, Corey O'Neill, both have a wealth of experience with payroll systems and with Novopay. There is a profile on Corey in this issue of Novopay News.

The workshop will cover the "Better Every Day" journey Education Payroll has made to refocus Novopay on schools' needs with the introduction of the new School Account Teams.

Martin and Corey will talk about the future of payroll management and the impact of evolving technology, as well, as providing useful hints and tips about working with Novopay. We look forward to meeting you. To register go to: CES

Please do more terminations on-line

By using our Novopay website tool, "Novopay Online or form?" you can quickly assess whether a termination can be processed online, or if it requires a NOVO6 form.

If an employee is leaving your school at the end of the year, or is leaving a job and returning to a new job, you must terminate them. This removes them from your payroll.

Those terminations that require a NOVO6 form are for retirement, medical retirement, redundancy and fixed term teachers transferring to another school.

If a termination has been entered in error, you will need to complete a NOVO6r form to reverse it.

If a termination has been submitted with an incorrect termination date, complete a NOVO6r form to reverse the termination, and a new NOVO6 form with the correct termination date.

For all other terminations, you can terminate in Novopay Online. Please use the following path: My School > Employment Changes > Employee Changes > Change Category = Bulk Terminate Employees > Online

Although this path is titled "bulk-terminate", it can also be used for single, one-off terminations - the wording comes about due to the bulk-termination that can be part of the End of Year process.

If you are terminating at End of Year, use the EoY screens available. If any holiday pay is due it will be paid. No NOVO6 is required for terminations that have been made in Novopay Online.

Also remember if an authorised user is terminating you also need to complete a NOVO5c form to cancel their Novopay system access.

Team Leader Profile - Meet Corey

Corey, (centre) working with colleagues

Team leader of School Account Team Three, Corey, has had some major life changes in a very short time - he has changed countries, changed occupations and he will shortly be getting married.

He is originally from Lancashire, England and had been travelling the world. "I came here in 2014 and I really enjoyed New Zealand, it was sunnier and there were jobs," he says.

Corey undertook an electrician's apprenticeship in the UK and worked there for five years as an electrician. When he came to New Zealand his new electrician's job wasn't due to start for three months so he took a temporary position on the Novopay service desk helping with End of Year. Four years later he is still working on Novopay and he was recently promoted by Education Payroll to a School Account team leader.

"I guess I made the change from being an electrician because I liked the new challenges and new things to learn," he says. "It is completely different now from the service desk. With school account teams it is a new ball game - people are much calmer, more relaxed and friendly."

He no longer supports schools but manages and supports his team of six payroll advisors who each have a portfolio of between 30 to 50 schools each. Talking about his interests outside of work Corey says: "I like the outdoors, and over weekends my partner Sophie and I like to do a lot of Wellington walks such as Mt Kaukau and Red Rocks."

Handy Hint - Software Requirements for Novopay users

Most of the forms, reports and other files that you will use to manage your school's payroll have either a PDF or a CSV file format.

PDF files

Novopay forms are designed to make it quick and easy for you to enter information. These forms are PDF files, which you can fill in online. A PDF is a type of file that allows information to be easily shared between people with different computer systems.

To open a PDF file or fill in a NOVO form, you need to have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer

PDF (or Portable Document Format) is a file format that retains the formatting of documents exactly as intended. The content and format of PDF reports cannot be changed, so they can be printed or stored as a permanent record.

Most NOVO forms are PDF files, however you can type directly into them, and save the completed form to your computer before sending to the Novopay Service Centre.

Use Adobe Reader

To access all of the functionality built into the PDF forms, you must open and fill them in using Adobe Reader version 9 or later. (Ask your school IT administrator to check which version of the Adobe Reader software is installed on your computer).

Install Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is free to download and use ( It is available for both Windows and Mac users. (Your school IT administrator should be able to download and install the software for you).

The advantage of a CSV file is that it allows you to view, filter and sort data in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, using the functionality of those programs.

It may also be possible to load CSV data into other systems used by your school. See SUE Report Extract File Format (PDF, 397KB) for more information.

Download the CSV file from its online location and save it to your computer. Do this by clicking on the file and following the instructions on the screen. Then open the saved file using Excel.

Note: The file displays as a spreadsheet. You may need to adjust column widths to view the entries.

Use Microsoft Excel for annualisation forms

The annualisation forms (NOVO23nt, NOVO24nt, and NOVO25nt) are Microsoft Excel files.

Important: These forms require version 2007 or later of Microsoft Excel, or Excel for Mac 2011.