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Welcome to the new edition of Novopay News

Hopefully by now you are all gearing up for the End of Year process. There is a lot of information now available on the website about this process, including the instructions, self-paced learning modules and the flyer with key dates. We have also opened bookings for the e-workshops. Note these are filling up fast so you need to get onto your bookings as soon as you can.

We've also got information about a new welcome for new Novopay users and our new school account management system.

There's also a piece about the Ministry of Education's response to the annualisation court ruling and some information on ACC forms.

Mathew Gordon


Mathew Gordon

Manager School Account Teams Education Payroll Limited

Preparing for End of Year

Training for End of Year got underway last week. The instructions and self-paced modules are now available on the website.

We also released the bookings for the e-workshops and were delighted with the response. The initial release booked out in just a couple of days. But don't worry we are releasing more workshops as they are needed so it's worth going back in to the booking form if you missed out.

The e-workshops are trainer led sessions that give you a broad overview of the upcoming End of Year payroll process and outlines specific tasks to prepare you for completing your process accurately and on time.

There is a new section on the Novopay website home page with quick links to useful End of Year information and resources.

There are also a couple of videos to view on the website - School Account Team Manager Mathew Gordon talks you through End of Year / Start of Year 2016/17 here and you can find out more about the School Account Team model here.

Don't need to do anything for End of Year?

Even if you don't have changes to implement for end of year you will still need to log in to the screen and hit the submit button. You will need to confirm your choice then you'll see the "EoY completed" message, and you are done.

A better welcome for new users

We have been trialing a welcome email for new Novopay Authorised Users. The email introduces new users to Novopay and gives them contact details for their Payroll Advisor and Team Leader.

It then goes on to introduce the online tools and resources, and covers off their responsibilities for record keeping and protecting privacy.

The new process includes a follow-up call to see how they are going and to offer more help.

The email was tested with new users who said it was easy to read, made sense and was about the right length for an initial contact. They said having details of a person they could contact made them feel supported and appreciated and that the new email gave them confidence that the Novopay team would help with their new payroll duties and with learning how to use Novopay.

We plan to test the email with more new users to confirm these results before making it business as usual.

Are you scanning signed forms?

We have noticed a number of people are scanning signed forms - thinking they need to do this so we have the signature. However your Authorised User logon and email address is a form of signature so there is no need to scan signed forms before sending them. However you will need to keep a copy (digital or a printout) for your records and for audit purposes.

School account teams - making things better every day

Since 2015 the company that manages Novopay, Education Payroll Limited, has been working with the State Services Commission (SSC) on a continuous improvement programme called Better Every Day.

We engaged with schools and the sector to review our assumptions and thinking about our service and systems, then trialed a new way of working with schools - the school account management approach. We started with a team of five payroll officers working with 82 schools.

Feedback and results were so positive that we decided to extend the trial to a further five officers and a total of 200 schools. And now we are rolling the approach out to all schools by the end of October.

You can learn more about the Better Every Day approach and see a video about it on our website.

Ministry of Education gives effect to Employment Court decision on annualised support staff

The Ministry is taking steps to put an Employment Court decision into action over how annualised support staff are paid.

You can see the announcement here.

ACC Earnings Request Forms and NOVO12 Form

A change in seasons means everyone is more active and out and about. Stay safe this spring.

If you receive any earnings request forms such as ACC003, ACC038, ACC005 from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), please send them through to Novopay along with the Novo12 leave form. This will be completed and actioned by Novopay.