News for School Payroll Staff

Kia Ora,

We had very nice message from Edgecumbe College who have thanked us for our support during the recent flooding of their school because of Cyclone Debbie.

We will be attending a series of school administrator/executive officer conferences this year. If you are attending it would be great if you can come along to the Novopay sessions.

It is really valuable for both us at Education Payroll and for our school payroll colleagues to get together face-to-face. We are very keen to get your views about Novopay and ways we can support you.

Noho ora mai

Mathew Gordon, School Account Team Manager

Queen's birthday - Monday June 5

Please note that there is no change in the date for payday for Queen's Birthday, however, as Monday is a statutory holiday, Tuesday will be the only day you will be able to do a FULL Stop Pay. Please make sure any changes required in the payroll after Thursday's first draft SUE have been sent through Friday highlighted as Urgent/Stop in subject line.

Education Payroll to attend school administrators' conference

This year Education Payroll staff will be presenting to conferences of school administrators and school executive officers. The first conference is with office administrators at the Wanganui Conference Centre on 31 May.

The other conferences are:

  • School Executive Officer Conference at King's College Auckland
  • Canterbury Education Services Conferences.

Clare Fulbrook, Manager Capability at Education Payroll, says it is a very special opportunity for Education Payroll's advisory staff to get out of Wellington and interact with their colleagues in schools.

"It is something we really look forward to every year and enjoy," she says. "We can brief our colleagues personally about the latest developments and improvements to payroll, answer questions and listen to everyone's' feedback."

Clare says Education Payroll has put together a very colourful and interesting PowerPoint on the new School Account Team model and how it is working for schools, there will be speakers providing a briefing on the latest technological advances for payroll management.

"We promise you a very informative and interesting session. Working directly with schools through our school account teams, and building those relationships, is one of the best things that has happened in schools'payroll for a long time and we look forward to see you all."

Thanks from Edgecumbe College

Edgecumbe College emailed us recently expressing their gratitude to their School Account Team for the assistance during the flooding in their area a few months ago.

"On behalf of Edgecumbe College, I would like to convey our gratitude to Novopay for pushing through pay instructions for our relievers to be paid today. With all that's happened in Edgecumbe these past few weeks and no internet or computer access during this time, it was not possible for me to submit the hours until I returned to work this week. Thank you so very much.

*Kind regards,*


Payroll advisor profile

Meet Maria,

Maria has been with Education Payroll since 2014. Prior to EPL she worked in Australia as a freight coordinator for TNT. "I remember starting in the Novopay service centre and once I couldn't get information on something and I asked the team leader and they said I had to wait. I actually stamped my foot!" she laughs.

"It was so frustrating. I could see the problems but I couldn't fix it."

Maria says she much prefers the new School Account Team model. "It is a lot faster now and I like the fact that I can give the correct information right away. It is my information - I own it and take responsibility for it. I also like the people contact one to one."

She is married with two adult daughters and two grandchildren. She and some friends are shortly off on a Pacific cruise which will include Samoa where Maria's mother was born.

What little free time she has after being a grandparent she likes to spend gardening and reading. "I really like the people here at EdPay. I like the company and the way it works and is prepared to learn."

Handy hints

Handy hint #1 - Call us.

All authorised users have a dedicated payroll advisor to talk to, and we encourage you to call before any new (or unsure) activity.

You can call your payroll advisor anytime. If you have a new or unfamiliar task, or simply want confirmation that you're on-track, call us. Our new model of working has improved our working together significantly, and much of the success is down to the relationship enjoyed between our school and their advisor - 0508 NOVOPAY (0508 668 6729)

Handy hint # 2 - General timesheet entry and, event based, allowances timesheet entry .

You can enter timesheet information in the My School tab. In the My School tab, you can manage school information including appointment, pay, and school leave details. Below are some common tasks you will perform in Novopay to do with Timesheets.

Entering timesheet information for individual and multiple employees;

. My School > Pay Details > Bulk Timesheet Entry

Note: you can enter timesheets for many employees at the same time on screen by adding rows.

Validating and posting timesheet information for the current pay period;

. My School > Pay Details > School Validate and Post

Some hints on general timesheet entry .

? Once you have finished entering timesheet information click the Validate button and if all rows in the timesheet are valid you will get a confirmation pop up dialog box confirming the timesheet is valid.

? Click Save to save the timesheet record (s) or Save and Clear to save the record(s) but clear the data from the screen.

? Novopay works in Hours and Minutes NOT days and fractions, so your time recording needs to reflect this for payments to be accurate. The first 2 digits are hours and the second 2 are minutes. For example three hours is 0300, while three and a half hours is 0330 (three hours 30 minutes) NOT 0350.

? Remember timesheet record(s) which you have validated and saved must be posted to be sent to the system. Click on the School Validate and Post menu on the left hand side of the screen to post the timesheet.

? After posting, timesheet information can only be edited or deleted by contacting the Service Centre.

? When recording a full or half day, there are 5 class contact hours in a day, so a day is recorded as 0500 (5 hours) and a half day is recorded as 0230 (2 hours 30 minutes).

Some hints on events based allowances timesheet entry .

. Use My School > Pay Details > Bulk Timesheet Entry to add events based allowances.

. When entering event based timesheet information, you will use the drop down menu called Paycode to choose the allowance type. Then enter the relevant number of units in the Units field, for example, days on camp or kms travelled. You need to understand the elements which make up the unit types for the different allowances.