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18 July 2014

Novopay News

A message from Education Payroll Services

Welcome back for the start of term three! In this edition we bring you some more tips and timesavers from our crafty Education Payroll Advisors (EPAs), and update you on some developments about the Statement of Service. We have further updates on conferences and training and a few housekeeping items too. 

Receiving your feedback over the last few months has been invaluable to the improvements we are planning. We now have an opportunity for you to get even more involved in our programme enhancements by signing up as a Novopay Improvements Volunteer. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, read ahead for more details.

Happy reading

Rebecca Elvy
Associate Deputy Secretary, Education Payroll Services

We're looking for volunteers!

We have a number of improvements planned over the next few months and we need your help. We are looking for users to review changes like Novopay forms and website enhancements and provide feedback via email or conference call. This could mean taking 30 minutes to review website content or up to an hour or so to evaluate form mock-ups. We realise there will be some weeks that you have more time to assist us than others, and that's ok. You're an integral part of making the payroll service better, and by providing your input you can assist us to implement changes that are meaningful to you.

Participation is voluntary. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at

The Ministry will absorb the cost of the Statement of Service

After listening to feedback from the sector, Ministry of Education chief executive, Peter Hughes, has decided to abolish the cost of the Statement of Service effective 1 June 2014. This means there will be no charge for Statement of Service requests made on or after 1 June. If you have been charged in error, we will contact you to refund your fee.

For more information please refer to the email we sent you Friday 4 July. If you have questions about the Statement of Service or about accessing personal information, please contact us at

Conference Update

The School Executive Officers' conference took place in Palmerston North last week and the Canterbury Education Services' (CES) School Administrators' conferences are fast approaching starting in Christchurch on 29 July, with Wellington and Auckland events taking place during the first two weeks in August. We are presenting workshops on Banking Staffing and general payroll and will be available between workshops to meet you and field your questions at the Ministry of Education table.

We hope to see you there.

Training Update

The Novopay training programme started 1 July 2014. While training was available during the holidays on a limited schedule, a full complement of courses is offered from the start of term three.The self-paced learning module Introduction to Novopay Online is now available with a screencast that covers key learning about Funding and Department Codes.

For a full list of workshops, visit the Training section of the Novopay website.

If you have questions about how to book a training session, phone the Training Services team on 04 463 0928 or email them at

Tips, Tricks and Timesavers

Our EPAs provide on-the-ground support to those of you who need it. They are a useful source of information for payroll processing and for timesaving tips and tricks. In this edition they provide their advice to save you time and stay organised.

Tip 1: Using the online payroll calendar

Did you know that if you click on the Payroll Calendar heading (green bar) on the Novopay website's home page it will take you to an expanded list of payroll activity through to February 2015? If you use Outlook and would like to transfer these dates into your own calendar, click on the calendar icon to the right of each event on the calendar page.

Tip 2: Troubleshooting forms

If your forms are not saving or printing properly, first check that you are running the latest version of Adobe Reader (version XI).

To do this, open Adobe Reader and choose Help from the File menu. Then choose About Adobe Reader.  It will bring up the following screen:


If you are not currently running the latest version of Adobe Reader, visit to download it.

If you continue to have issues with forms, please contact the Service Centre on 0508 668 6729. 

Tip 3: Bookmark the Novopay Online codes you use most

For online codes you use regularly, save time by creating a shortcut on your desktop or adding the link to your Favourites toolbar.

A list of online codes can be found here:

To create a shortcut or bookmark to the desired page, click on the link above and choose the list you'd like to bookmark. Right click anywhere on the page and choose Create shortcut. You will see the following dialogue box:

Choose yes to create the shortcut to your desktop.


Salary increases: How they display on your SUE report

When an employee is due a salary increase that is backdated, the SUE report will display the new rate, each pay period end date(s) that the increase applies to, and the difference in dollar amounts between the old fortnightly amount paid and the new fortnightly amount to be paid for each pay period.

We have included an example below to illustrate: 

This employee was set up on 05/05/14 (PP04) to be paid at the annual rate of $56,459. This is shown below on the PP05 SUE report.

Their annual pay was increased to $72,645, backdated to a date in PP05. This is shown below on the PP06 SUE Report.

The Effective Dates column shows the pay period end dates that the salary increase applies to-in this case, PP04 (13/05/2014) and PP05 (27/05/14). The top two amounts in the Amount Paid column ($191.57 and $298.00) are the difference between what the employee was paid for PP04 and PP05 at the original rate ($56,459.00) and the new rate ($72,645.00).


Terminated employees and your school's banking staffing report:

We have recently discovered an issue whereby terminated employees may no longer show up on the Banking Staffing report. This is an issue we are currently investigating.

What this means is your school's banking staffing usage may appear lower on the report than it truly is.

Please check for anomalies between reports, especially after teaching staff have been terminated. If the terminated employee is no longer displayed on the banking staffing report please retain a record of their historical totals that were charged to your school's Teachers' Salaries funding throughout the year. We will provide you with a further update when more information becomes available.


We're always keen to hear your feedback. If you have suggestions for subsequent newsletters, please continue to email us at

If you'd like to sign up as a volunteer to review some of our programme improvements, please contact us at

For payroll-related queries please contact the Novopay Service Centre at