News for School Payroll Staff

Novopay News 17 July 2015

News for School Payroll staff

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition of the newsletter we provide an update on:

  • Reminder - Salary Assessments
  • Leave Management Update
  • Higher Duties Allowance
  • Maternity Grant- Novo27
  • 2015 Annualisation Agreement Termination for non-teachers 
  • Novo25nt

From the Novopay Service Centre team

Reminder - Salary Assessments

There are often a number of new appointments at the start of the term, so here's a brief reminder about salary assessments to assist you.

Teachers who are new to the state school sector will be paid at an untrained and unqualified rate pending a salary assessment.

Please remember, it is the school's responsibility as the employer to advise new teachers that they need to apply for a salary assessment on a NOVO7t form.

If a teacher is returning to teaching after an absence of two years or more, we encourage them to apply for a salary assessment. In the meantime, if a school indicates on the NOVO1t form that the teacher has previously taught in the state school sector they will be placed on the same salary (or equivalent salary if the salary scale has changed) that they were last paid on.

If you notice on your SUE report someone who holds registration and is being paid as untrained, please submit a salary assessment. All registered teachers are entitled to be paid as trained.

Leave Management Update

The Leave Balance Confirmation process is now underway.

The confirmation process is currently being piloted with 22 schools and is progressing as expected.

The multi-school teacher/principal leave checking process has begun. Multi-school teachers / principals are those teachers and principals who have worked at more than one school, either consecutively or concurrently, since Novopay went live in August 2012.

Instructions were recently emailed to only those schools with these kinds of employees, detailing how to ensure their paid sick leave bookings are up to date.

Training on the process begins next week on Monday 21 July and runs until Friday 14 August. After this time, the training will remain available as a self-paced learning module.

Training places are still available and can be booked via the Novopay website. Our pilot schools found the training very useful.

The instructions are now available on the Novopay website, and the PDF report and CSV file will be ready for you to download from Novopay Online on 10 August 2015.

The leave information provided on the PDF report is as at 4 August. The sick leave balances provided in the report are the same as the balance stated on employee payslips for the same period.

We therefore recommend you start the confirmation process as soon as you download the report on 10 August, while the information is as current as possible.

All CSV files should be fully completed and returned to the Service Centre by 14 September 2015.

After the confirmation process is complete, we will be providing a new fortnightly School Annual and Sick Leave report.

When you enter future leave bookings in Novopay Online or on a NOVO12 form, you will be able to use this new report to monitor leave balances.

Remember to visit the leave programme page in the News section of the Novopay website homepage for programme activities, timelines, and resource links.

Higher Duties Allowance

The forms and instructions are available on the website:

Here's a few helpful hints that you could save and refer to when you are filling out the forms.

NOVO28t form

If a principal/teacher is going on leave/study leave/sabbatical/ resigned, you need to complete the NOVO28t form for the teacher acting in a higher position.

Step1. Fill out all the details on the form, fields 3-8.

Step 2. If the person covering is covering for a teacher, you need to provide the value of the Higher Duties Allowance per annum in field 17.

If you need further assistance in completing the Novo28t form, and calculating the allowance for field 17, please contact Education Payroll.

For the value of field 17 please see these relevant clauses for a quick reference:

· For secondary teachers see , clause 4.16

· For area teachers see , clause 3.12

· For primary teachers see, clause 3.15

· For acting secondary principals see, clause 4.15

· For acting primary principals see, clause 3.16

· For acting area principals see , clause 3.11

How to fill out the funding codes: 'Field 19' and 'Field 20'

For special funding, if the person is on sabbatical leave and study leave please use the codes in the 'TeachNZ Study Coding Notice'. This Notice should be sent in with the Novo28t through the normal channels.

'Field 20' is based on the 'TeachNZ study award coding notice' that was applied for.

If the principal is on paid leave (other than Ministry approved sabbatical or study leave detailed above) you will need to enter the code 11010 in 'field 19'. Board approved leave is a charge to the school.

In 'field 20' enter your own 'Department code'.

Ensure the Novo12 leave form is submitted once you've filled everything out. Email it to Novopay Service Centre via the normal process.

Maternity Grant - Novo27

Please fill in all the fields in the form. You need to send a certified true copy of the birth certificate along with the Novo27 form.

This copy of the document can be signed by the principal, or a Justice of the Peace (JP), barrister, or solicitor of the High Court, Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the court, or any other person allowed to take declarations under the Oaths and Declaration Act 1957.

This maternity grant is only applicable if the teacher is on maternity leave, or if they have resigned due to maternity. If the teacher has resigned due to maternity, please ensure that you load 'MAT' as the termination reason.

The grant is paid as six weeks of pay based on the time of the birth.

Note: Please ensure that it has the school principal's signature on the form along with this phrase, "this document is a certified true copy of the original".

2015 Annualisation Agreement Termination for non-teachers NOVO25nt

Please remember to fill in field 7, Reason for Terminating Annualisation.

If it's a resignation, you will also need to complete a Novo 6 form.

If it is a voluntary termination of annualisation (no longer want to be annualised, they want to be paid in term time only), then you will also need to complete and send a Novo2nt.

If the reason is leave without pay, please complete and send a Novo12. If their hours are going to change, you will also need to send a Novo2nt.

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If you are a Novopay Authorised User, and would like to update your email address, please download and complete a NOVO5 form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. If you are no longer a Novopay Authorised User, please download and complete a NOVO5c form and post it to the Novopay Service Centre. It can take up to two weeks to process these changes. We thank you for your patience.