News for School Payroll Staff

Welcome to the latest edition of the Novopay News.

In this edition, we provide you with an update on End of Year / Start of Year (EoY/SoY).

The End of Year process ensures that Novopay has accurate information to calculate and pay holiday pay to employees. Remember, the date for completion is 17 November 2015.

We have added a new 'how to' guide to the Novopay website which clearly outlines what to do when an employee requires ACC leave.

I am pleased to advise that there are new forms now available on the Novopay website and please note the changes to Novopay online.

If you need any assistance, remember we are here to help.

Mathew Gordon


Mathew Gordon
Manager Service Desk and Support Education Payroll Limited

EoY/SoY Quick Links

As mentioned in the last Novopay newsletter, here are quick links to EoY/SoY resources available to help you:

EoY/SoY reminders

Ensure that all your school's authorised users have access to Novopay Online (NOL) before End of Year screen opens on 20 October 2015.

Check that your computer's browser is up to date. For best results, use version 10.0 or higher for Internet Explorer, and version 23 or higher for Firefox. If your school uses a different browser, we recommend using either Internet Explorer or Firefox, at least for EoY/SoY processing. For further information please visit the Novopay website.

Print off your End of Year Report as early as possible, and review it with your Principal to check that the data is correct. Use this report to gather employee information for your End of Year processing, including employee last day of duty and termination information. For more information see Download End of Year Report on page 9 of the End of Year Guide.

New 'How-to guide' to help you with the ACC process

This week, we have added a new 'how to' guide to the Novopay website which clearly outlines what to do when an employee requires ACC leave.

If an employee at your school has a work or a non-work related accident, please follow this step-by-step guide to get the process started.

The new Guide is located here in the 'How to' section under 'Start the ACC Process'.

New, Novo forms available on Novopay website

We are pleased to advise you, that we have just released the new Novo37t Maori Immersion Teacher Allowance (MITA) and the Novo38t Maori Immersion Teacher - Additional $1000 Allowance (MITA+) forms on the Novopay website.

These forms are updated versions of the MITA and MITA+ applications. These new forms replace the old forms and are to be used when applying for either MITA or MITA+.

You will notice that the new MITA form (Novo37t) now covers primary, area and secondary, rather than having three separate forms for each sector.

Earlier versions of the MITA and MITA+ forms will continue to be accepted and processed until the end of term four.

Download the form here.

Changes to Novopay Online

The following changes have been introduced for Novopay Online.

Unpaid Leave Bookings

In order to protect an employee's wages when booking unpaid leave, some changes have been made to Novopay Online.

Unpaid leave bookings for the previous pay period plus unpaid leave bookings for the current pay period must not exceed the number of days an employee is paid in a fortnight.

If the above occurs, the following error message will be displayed:

LWOP booking/s unable to be processed as this will potentially create an overpayment and debt, please submit a NOVO12.

For example:

A part-time teacher is paid 14 days within a fortnight. They have taken 8 days sick leave without pay for the previous pay period and 7 days leave without pay in the current pay period. Both bookings have been submitted within the current pay period.

The total number of unpaid leave bookings submitted within the current pay period is 15 days which exceeds the 14 days the employee is paid for within the fortnight. This will cause the error message to be displayed.

In summary

  • The earliest (LWOP) bookings that can be entered via Novopay Online are for the previous pay period only.
  • The sum of LWOP bookings for the previous pay plus current pay must not be greater than 14 calendar days.
  • LWOP for future periods can be entered with no restrictions.


Employees that are terminating in the current pay period must have their termination date entered before Saturday EOD to receive full accurate pay and termination pay. Dates entered post Saturday EOD will be processed as follows:

  • Where a termination date is entered between Saturday EOD and Monday 4.30 pm, the employee will have the correct salary component paid. However, the termination pay will be processed within the next pay period.
  • When an attempt is made to process a termination date post Monday 4.30 pm, the following error message will be displayed:

Missed termination cut-off for pay period end, please submit a NOVO6 with 'STOP' in the subject line

For example, Pay Period 15 ends on 13th October. If an employee's termination date of 5th October is entered on the morning of Monday 12th October, the employee will receive salary for the days up to 5th of October in PP 15. Termination pay will be processed in PP16.

Additionally, if an attempt is made to terminate an employee across a period for which leave has been booked, the following error message will be displayed:

Employee has leave bookings that span the termination, please submit a NOVO6.