Not all changes will be visible on first draft SUE

It has been a very busy pay period with many of you returning to school this week and a public holiday on Wednesday.

You may notice that not all of the forms you have submitted are visible on your first draft SUE report.

We are working through all Pay Period 23 transactions and these will be available on Monday's second draft SUE. If you have any questions about your transactions on Monday please contact your dedicated payroll adviser.

Annualisation top-up in Pay Period 23 on first draft SUE

In previous years, any employee who completed the annualisation period and was owed a top-up amount would have received it in Pay Period 22. (Top-up amounts may include a holiday pay top-up for additional hours worked throughout the year, or a percentage of gross earnings for Pay Periods 19 to 22 if someone was term time only in 2017 but annualised in 2018.)

This year, the end date of the annualisation contract (30 January 2019) falls on the first day of the next pay period. Therefore, any impacted employees will receive their top-up amount in Pay Period 23 (pay day 12 February).