Ministry Pay Period 15 Reminder

On 15 September 2016, the Ministry of Education advised schools of the Employment Court decision regarding pay for annualised staff on collective agreements and the steps being taken to implement that decision.

In your Draft SUE, you may notice some differences in the pay of your annualised support staff on Collective Agreements (CAs) and support staff on Individual Employment Agreements who have chosen to move from 27 pay periods to 26. These pay differences are related to the back pay and recalculation of these employees' pay. Please note that whether it is 26 pay dates or 27, the total pay over the annualisation year will be the same.

The Ministry recommends that you take the opportunity to remind staff of this change to their pay for this pay period, and for the remainder of the annualisation period for employees on CA's. Below are the links to the two flyers that were made available to employees on 15 September 2016 if they wish to remind themselves of these changes.

Individual Employment Agreement Employees 

Collective Agreement Employees