Friday 11 November

The 2017 version of the NOVO23nt annualisation form is now available

Please use this form to instruct the Novopay Service Team to set up annualisation for permanent or fixed-term non-teaching staff who are entitled to be annualised under the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement and who want to annualise their pay.

To ensure timely processing, please send annualisation instructions to the Novopay Service Team as early as possible, ideally before Christmas, but at the latest prior to the forms cut-off for Pay Period 23 (on 6 February 2017).

Important: If an annualised employee is an authorised user you must send their NOVO23nt form to the Novopay Service Team before their start date in 2017, or they will not be able to access Novopay Online in 2017.

Annualisation is paid from the beginning of PP23 of one year to the end of PP22 the following year as per the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement.

You can find more information regarding Annualisation on the Novopay website, or download the Annualisation Flyer.


Novopay Service Team