Novopay Alert - SoY Helpful Hints

When performing SOY activities, it is recommended that:

  • Updates are performed in small batches of employees (e.g. start with one employee and then work in batches of 5 rather than attempting to update all employees at once). When working with small groups of employees you will be able to resolve error messages more easily. Once comfortable with the process, you can work with larger batches.

  • The SOY processing should be considered as a Two Step Process:

1.Save and Submit the job start and end date for each employee. This is because the start and end date of the job must be created first, so that subsequent changes can be linked to the new start / end dates for 2016. Once these changes are successful, then Exit.

2.If changes to allowances, funding and hours is required, then select SOY again, and then continue to update allowance / funding / hour data, working in batches. Save / Submit / Exit once changes have been applied.

Key Dates Reminder:

Remember, if you are an annualised Authorised User, please submit your instruction to us for Wednesday, 13 January. We require all other annualisation (Novo23) forms in by close for PP23, which is Monday, 25 January.