End of Year 2015

The Novopay End of Year screen for 2015 is now live in Novopay Online. We are encouraging you to get your End of Year information in, as soon as you can. This is the best way to ensure your staff are paid their holiday pay correctly in Pay Period 19.

The deadline for End of Year completion is 5pm on Tuesday, 17 November.

Novopay are also outbound calling to all schools to check you are ok with what you need to do. Please let them know if there's anything more you need, don't wait until the last minute - it is important for your staff.

2016 Annualisation form now available on Novopay website

The 2016 Annualisation Agreement for Non-Teachers form (NOVO23nt) is available from here. It replaces the 2015 version.

Use the 2016 Annualisation Agreement to annualise the pay of permanent or fixed-term non-teaching staff who are entitled to be annualised under the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement and who want to annualise their pay.

You will notice that the new NOVO23nt covers 54 weeks and 27 pay periods, rather than the usual 52 weeks and 26 pay periods. This is because 26 fortnightly pay periods only cover 364 days in a year, not 365 (or 366 in Leap Years). Those extra one or two days add up to create an additional pay period every 11 years.

What does this mean for those who choose to be annualised?

Employees will have their pay spread over 27 pay periods instead of 26. Those who were annualised last year, will notice that their pay per fortnight will be less than last year but the annualised salary amount remains the same.

For example:

$50,000 / 26 fortnights = $1923.08 for 2015

$50,000 / 27 fortnights = $1851.85 for 2016

Important: If an annualised employee is an authorised user, you must send their NOVO23nt form to the Novopay Service Centre before their start date in 2016, or they will not be able to access Novopay Online in 2016.

Annualisation is paid from the beginning of PP23 to the end of PP22 each year as per the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement. But the calculation is based on the standard hours per week that will be worked during one year. For example, all hours from 20 January 2016 to last day of duty for 2016.

Annualisation FAQs and Flyer quick links

We have also created an Annualisation Flyer containing key information about annualisation, available here.

Frequently asked questions are available here.

Holiday Pay Tool - now available

This new online tool helps you calculate holiday pay for different employees in various circumstances.

The Tool is a 'filter' where you choose some inputs (Employee Type, Action for 2015/16, Start and End Dates for 2015) and the Holiday Pay explanation comes up on the screen with examples where relevant.

You can access the tool here.