Changes to the Novo 12 Leave Booking Form

There are occasions where you need to book unpaid leave for an employee where the leave happened more than one pay period prior to the booking. This can cause an overpayment situation, which no one wants.

To help prevent this from happening, we have changed the Novo12 Leave Booking form.

The new Novo12 Leave Booking form allows you to indicate that you have received written permission from the affected employee which will enable Novopay to process retrospective unpaid leave bookings.

The unpaid leave will be processed through the next available pay period rather than processing the leave as an overpayment.

However, if we don't receive confirmation that you have got your employee's consent to process the unpaid leave in the next pay, we will have to proceed with our overpayment process.

The new Leave Without Pay Instructions for your employees is available here along with the revised form.

We hope this improves you and your employees' experience.