A reminder for employees with a Special Tax Code

This is a reminder that employees with a Special Tax Code (STC) must update their tax code with Inland Revenue and Novopay before the end of the tax year. If their code is not updated or renewed they will automatically default to a No Declaration (ND) tax rate of 46.45%.

Once employees receive their new tax instruction from Inland Revenue, they must pass it on to you, their school's authorised user.

Please send a new NOVO4 (Tax Details Change) form with each tax instruction you receive to the Novopay Service Centre by Monday 6 April 2015. This will ensure that your employees' correct tax codes take effect in PP02.

For more information, please refer to the 27 February 2015 edition of the Novopay News.

If your employees have further questions about this process, please ask them to contact Inland Revenue directly on 0800 227 774.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team