Website enhancement: New allowance code search tool

12 September 2014

Good afternoon

In addition to our recent payroll codes update, we have made it easier to search for the allowance codes you need to complete payroll forms.

The new allowance code search tool replaces the current allowance code spreadsheet in the 'Tools to Help You' section of this website. It filters allowance codes by collective agreement, job type, and allowance or unit type (if required).

You can find this new search tool in the 'Tools to Help You' section of this website or by following this link.

As allowance codes have been updated, we recommend disposing of any printed copies of code lists you may have been using. By using the current code list available here, you ensure your payroll requests contain valid information and can be processed without delay.

However, for the times you need an off-line resource, a new printable PDF file is available. Please refer to the website for the most up-to-date allowance code information each time you need it.

Content improvements to the Novopay website are ongoing so please check back regularly. The website should be your first port of call for payroll updates and information, including through EoY/SoY and beyond.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team