Funding source

Operational funding (or Bulk Grant funding) is the money a board of trustees receives from the Government to implement the goals of the school's charter, and for the running of the school. See Operational funding on the Ministry of Education website.

Operational funding does not include funding for the salaries of entitlement teachers. The Teachers' Salaries funding is used to pay employees who are employed under the Entitlement Staffing. See School staffing on the Ministry of Education website.

Employees can also be paid from 'Other' funding sources with Ministry approval, e.g. study award.

An employee's funding source is assigned when they are added to the Education Service Payroll as a new appointment. See Funding codes for the codes that can be assigned.

Change funding source

You can only change a teacher's funding source between Bulk Grant (11010), Teachers' Salaries (11900), and Community Education (11020) in Novopay Online. To do this:

My School tab > Employment Changes > Employee Changes >
Change category: Funding/Department Code Change >
Click Online

Check that you have entered the correct dates for the change.

For all other changes, complete a NOVO21 form.

Note: Changes to Sabbatical or Study Award funding must be accompanied by an approval letter from the Ministry. See Staffing Allowances on top of entitlement (Ministry of Education website).

Retrospective funding source changes

If the retrospective change dates back up to two pay periods only, complete a NOVO21 form and send it to the Novopay Service Centre.

If the retrospective change dates back more than two pay periods, do the following:

  • If you are correcting a school error, approval is required from the Ministry. Email a NOVO21 form to, with the reason for the request in the email. If approved, Resourcing forwards the form to the Novopay Service Centre.
  • If correcting an error made by the Novopay Service Centre, send a NOVO31 form to the Novopay Service Centre.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • NOVO21 - Funding/Department Code Change

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