Bank accounts

The Education Service Payroll pays employees by direct credit into a New Zealand bank account.

They cannot pay into debit or credit card numbers or overseas bank accounts.

Multiple bank accounts

Employees must specify one main bank account, but can also specify a fixed amount to be paid into up to two other bank accounts. There is a 25c fee each pay period for each extra bank account.

Change bank accounts

Change bank accounts in Novopay Online:

My HR tab > Personal Details > Bank Accounts

Novopay Online uses the standard New Zealand bank account format. Digits 1-2 are the bank, 3-6 the branch, 7-13 the bank account and 14-16 the suffix.

Note: If the new bank account number has a 3-digit suffix without a leading zero, you will not be able to enter it online. Instead, complete a NOVO3 form.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • To change main bank account or add bank accounts for an employee:
    • NOVO3 – Employee Details Change
  • To specify main bank account for a new employee:
    • NOVO1t – New Appointment for Teachers
    • NOVO1nt – New Appointment for Non-Teachers

Record keeping

Keep a copy of the bank deposit slip (or a bank communication that clearly shows the bank account number) for each bank account that an employee's pay is paid into. See Payroll record keeping for more details.

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