Start of Year preparation

The Start of Year preparation phase requires you to gather start and end dates, leave information and all other changes to payroll information, effective from the start of 2019, and to start completing the required forms.

You can download and use the Novopay Start of Year 2019 Guide (PDF 646 KB) to guide you through the Start of Year tasks.

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To avoid delays with Start of Year processing, it is strongly recommended that you begin preparing and completing any required forms as soon as possible, so that you are ready when the Start of Year screen opens on 12 December 2018.

Complete as much of the Start of Year processing as you can before you go on holiday.

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The following checklist lists the tasks to prepare for Start of Year processing:

  • Check that the principal and other authorised users can access Novopay Online. Request a password reset for any passwords that have expired.
  • Confirm the school's 2019 term start and end dates. If these are different from the Ministry's published dates, update the school's term dates in Novopay Online. See School term dates.
  • Download the Start of Year Report and Pay Ending Report to view and record start of year information. See Start of Year reports.
  • Determine the 2019 start and end dates for term-time only auto-paid employees and fixed-term teachers. See Start and end dates.
  • Determine any changes to funding or department codes for your employees. See Other Start of Year changes.
  • Determine employment status changes, i.e. fixed term to permanent or permanent to fixed term. See Other Start of Year changes.
  • Determine changes to your employees' hours from the start of 2019. See Other Start of Year changes.
  • Determine any new allowances or changes to existing allowances for your employees. See Allowances.
  • Gather leave without pay (LWOP) data for any employees taking LWOP in 2019, or employees returning in 2019 on a different day to what was originally booked. See Other Start of Year changes.
  • Complete forms for employees becoming annualised, continuing with annualisation, or changing to term-time only in 2019. See Annualisation. These should be in by 21 January for the first day of Pay Period 23.
  • Complete a NOVO1 form for new appointments. You cannot enter new appointments in the Start of Year screen.

    Note: New appointments for 2019 will not show in the Start of Year Report.
  • Continue to enter other personal employee updates when you receive them, as you would in any fortnightly pay cycle.

What next?

After completing these preparation tasks, you will be ready to enter information in the Start of Year screen from 12 December 2018. See Start of Year processing.