Start of Year reports

There are two reports to help you with Start of Year tasks - the Start of Year Report and the Pay Ending Report. They are both for your use only (don't send them to your payroll adviser).

Start of Year Report

The Start of Year Report shows the employment information we hold for your employees. Use this report to check the information and identify the changes that need to be made. You can download this report repeatedly to check the changes you have submitted.

The Start of Year Report may include multiple rows per employee as it lists both their current and future job details as well as individual rows for any allowances.

Pay Ending Report

The Pay Ending Report shows your employees whose occupancy is due to end soon, and who will not be paid after these dates. It also shows employees who have already left your school, but have not been terminated in Novopay.

Computer icon - to denote system steps in Novopay OnlineDownload reports

To download these reports in Novopay Online.

  1. Log in to Novopay Online using your username and password, and click Sign On.

  2. Go to My School > Employment Changes > Employee Changes.

  3. Select Start of Year in the Change Category field on the School Selection screen.

  4. Click Download SOY Report or Pay Ending Report.

How to use the reports

These reports have a CSV file format, so you can save them and open them in a spreadsheet program, e.g. Excel, to record your employee data and have it ready to enter in the Start of Year screen.

Use the table to decide what to do for employees on your Pay Ending Report.

If Then
employees are returning to your school in 2021 enter their start and end dates in the Start of Year screen.
employees show on the Pay Ending Report who have already left your school terminate them in EdPay.
employees show on the Pay Ending Report who are leaving your school and not returning in 2021.
terminate them in EdPay.

this will generate any due holiday pay.