It is important to notify your School Account Team of any eligible support staff who wish to be annualised in 2020.

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Complete a NOVO23nt form for each of the following employees as early as possible and by 03 February (Pay Period 23), to ensure they are processed before the employee starts in 2020.

  • Annualised employees continuing with annualisation in 2020:
    If you do not send a new form before they start in 2020, they will not be paid until the form is submitted.
  • Employees becoming annualised in 2020:
    If the form is sent to your School Account Team late, the employee may not be annualised in 2020. An employee can only be annualised from the start of pay period 23.

Complete a NOVO2nt form for employees changing from annualised to term-time only in 2020.


If an authorised user is an annualised employee, you must send their NOVO23nt form to your payroll adviser before their start date in 2020, or they will not be able to access Novopay Online in 2020 and complete Start of Year processing for your school's employees.

Annualisation FAQs

Why do we need to complete Annualisation for an employee each year?

Annualisation needs to be done each year because the number of weeks an employee will work changes based on their start and end dates, as well as the public holidays that fall during the term breaks.

An employee's hours of work, pay rate, allowances, annual leave entitlement, and number of days of long service days may also change.

The Annualisation form is updated every year.

My annualised employee is terminating and they want their remaining annualisation to be paid in December as a lump sum, what do I do?

Use the Last Day of Duty in Term 4 on the NOVO6 and write in the comments that the remaining annualisation needs to be paid as a lump sum.

My annualised employee is terminating and wants to continue being paid until 30 January 2020, what do I do?

Use 30 January 2020 as the last day of duty on the NOVO6.

What do I do if an annualised employee no longer wishes to be annualised in 2020?

Please submit a NOVO2nt effective 31 January 2020 to make the employee Term Time only or Timesheet only.

If the Term Time only employee is starting prior to 31 January 2020, then timesheets will need to be submitted for hours worked until 30 January 2020.

If the Term Time only employee is starting after 31 January 2020 then leave without pay will need to be booked until the day before they return to school.