Retirement savings

KiwiSaver is the only retirement savings scheme option in which new State-sector employees can enrol and receive an employer contribution.

Some employees may already belong to other State-sector retirement savings schemes, and they may continue to do so when transferring from one school to another; however these are closed to new employees.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary savings scheme designed to make it easier for New Zealanders to save for their future. For most of the board's employees, KiwiSaver will be work-based. This means they will receive information about KiwiSaver from the school, and their KiwiSaver contributions will come straight out of their pay.

To manage KiwiSaver for your school's employees, see:

For more detailed information about KiwiSaver, see:

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Other State-sector retirement savings schemes

The following State-sector employees' retirement savings schemes are operating, but are closed to new members:

  • State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme
  • Teachers Retirement Savings Scheme
  • Government Superannuation Fund
  • National Provident Fund
  • Individual Retirement Plan.

For details, see Superannuation in the State sector (State Services Commission website).

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