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Only authorised users can access the Novopay Service (i.e. the Novopay Service Centre and Novopay Online). Authorised users are the people within schools who have delegated authority to carry out payroll activities. A school can have as many authorised users as needed. The responsibilities of individual authorised users will vary between schools.

Access types

Novopay Online has the following authorised user roles:

  • The Principal role can view and administer all staff records except their own. All principals must be authorised users, to ensure that they can fulfil their delegated management accountabilities, and manage their administrators' pay.
  • The School-wide Administrator role can view and administer all staff records except their own, and those of the principal, external administrators and other school-wide administrators.
  • Other Administrator roles can see specific records only (relievers, teachers, non-teachers, community education, out-of-hours music teachers), and do not have access to reports.

It is recommended that you keep the number of school-wide administrators to a minimum, remembering that the principal is responsible for making any changes for school-wide users.

There can be only one person at a school with Principal access to the Novopay Service. If the principal is away for more than two weeks, and another employee is in an acting principal role, see Appoint an acting principal for options to set up access to the Novopay Service.

Request access to Novopay Online

  • Complete a NOVO5 form and have it signed by the employee and by the duly delegated member of the board of trustees.
  • Keep a copy of the signed form for your records.
  • Post the signed original form to the Novopay Service Centre.
    The employee will receive an email confirming that they have been set up as an authorised user, and advising of their password.
  • Check whether there are any authorised users whose access should now be cancelled. You can use the Online Access/Audit report to review the authorised users at your school. If any need to be removed, complete a NOVO5c form and post the signed original to the Novopay Service Centre.
  • Direct the new authorised user to the Novopay website for relevant information. They will be contacted regarding available training. See Novopay training for details.

Record keeping

Keep the following forms in the employee's file:

  • Copies of NOVO5/NOVO5c

See Payroll record keeping for more details.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

You must post the signed original of these forms to the Novopay Service Centre.

  • To request employee access to the Novopay Service:
    NOVO5 - Novopay Service Authorisation / Changes
  • To cancel employee access to the Novopay Service:
    NOVO5c - Cancel Novopay Service Authorisation

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