Stop pay

A stop pay is when the Education Payroll Service Centre stops the pay going through for an employee who is about to be overpaid, or who should not be paid at all, as identified in the final SUE report.

If you notice an overpayment in the final SUE report on Tuesday morning, send a completed NOVO31 form via email to the Education Payroll Service Centre before 10am on Tuesday (day 14) with subject line FULL STOP PAY (name, MOE number).
Once you have sent in the form, we also recommend you call your Payroll Advisor and provide them the ticket number.

Let the employee know

If an overpayment is stopped, but the employee is due a payment, it is important to let them know that they will be paid late and their payslip will show the incorrect payment. The Ministry pays the correct amount into their bank account usually on the day after pay day.

If the overpayment is not stopped in time

If an overpayment is not stopped and the employee is overpaid, let the employee know as soon as possible that an incorrect amount was paid to them. To arrange recovery of the overpayment, see Recover an overpayment.

Note the stopped pay on the final SUE report

The final SUE report will show the incorrect payment. Therefore, make a note of the stopped payment on the final SUE report before it is checked and signed by the principal, so that it can be reconciled against the annual financial statements. 

Adjustment to Operational Grant

If an overpayment from the Operational Grant (Bulk Grant) is stopped at the bank, the employee will not be paid, but the gross payment amount will be deducted from the school's bank account (as it is included in the direct debit total). The net amount that was stopped will be credited to the school in the next pay period. The PAYE portion will be credited at a later date.

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