End of Year scenarios

Use the End of Year 2019 Guide (PDF) or see End of Year on this website to work through End of Year Processing for your school. These cover the requirements for most employees.

The following tables describe additional scenarios that might arise. If you need help with an individual situation, contact your School Account Team.


Situation Solution
Your 52 week employee does not have enough annual leave for the Christmas holiday period. You and the employee will need to decide what leave type to use for any remaining leave days, e.g. leave without pay, discretionary leave.

You have an employee on sick leave for all of Term 4 and want to know if there is anything you need to do for End of Year. Check that the leave booking in Novopay Online reflects their actual leave dates. If your employee is not returning in 2020 the end date of the leave should reflect the school end date. As long as leave dates are correct, holiday pay should calculate correctly.

Authorised users

Situation Solution
You discover that someone is a NOL authorised user and they should no longer have access.

Complete a NOVO5c form to cancel their access.

Once actioned, this will be confirmed by your School Account Team.

You are an authorised user, and are going on leave before 25 November 2018 and have not been able to complete your End of Year processing. Make sure you have submitted all the changes you have made before you go, or those records will be locked by you and not available to other administrators.

If they unlock these records, any changes saved by you, but not submitted, will be discarded.

Ask another authorised user at your school, who has the required level of access, to enter the remaining data. They will then need to click the EoY Complete button to complete the End of Year processing.

Employee with multiple jobs

Situation Solution
You have an employee who holds more than one job, and want to terminate only one of their jobs at the end of year. Each job has its own job number. You can terminate one job without affecting their other job(s). Terminate the employee's job via Bulk Terminations or in the End of Year screen, if it is available.


Situation Solution
You have day-to-day-relievers and want to know if there is anything you need to do for End of Year. Day-to-day relievers get holiday pay as part of their daily rate, so there is nothing you need to do in your End of Year processing.


Situation Solution
You would like to find out the employment status of your employees, and what employment agreement they are on. You can download the Appointment Summary Report, via My School > Appointment details > Appointment summary, which gives details of start and end dates, and agreements, grades and steps.


Situation Solution
You have a non-teaching permanent term-time employee who will be working after the School's Term 4 end date, and restarting before the Term 1 start date. It is acceptable for non-teaching staff to have start and end dates that are outside the school start and end dates.