School term dates

You must ensure that your school term dates are up to date in Novopay Online, as this defines when your school's holiday period begins and ends. Employees' holiday pay will be calculated accordingly.

Update your school's calendar

The Ministry's published term dates are shown below.

2019 Term 4 End Date 2020 Term 1 Start Date 2020 Term 4 End Date
Primary and intermediate schools 20 December 2019 27 January 2020 18 December 2020
Secondary and composite schools 13 December 2019 27 January 2020 16 December 2020
*Term dates that fall on a Friday are entered in Novopay Online as the following Sunday.

Computer icon - to denote system steps in Novopay Online.Update your school's term dates

Use these steps to enter your school's start and end dates in Novopay Online.

  1. Log in to Novopay Online using your username and password, and click Sign On.
  2. Go to My School > School Leave Details > Maintain School Terms.
  3. Click Next on the School Selection screen.
  4. Check that the 2019 End of Term 4 date is correct. Update if required, by typing in or selecting from the dropdown calendar.

    Note: If your school's term 4 end date is a Friday, enter the following Sunday in the End of Term 4 field. This allows Novopay to pay teachers their salary up to the Sunday, and holiday pay from the Monday.

    If the school's last day is entered as a Sunday, non-teachers who finish on the last day of school will be paid up to Friday, unless they are rostered to work the Saturday/Sunday. In this instance their annual leave due will be booked from the Monday.

  5. Click Add Row.
  6. Type 2020 in the Term Year field.
  7. Type in, or select from the dropdown calendar, the Start of Term 1 and the End of Term 4 dates for 2020.

    Note: If you do not know your school's 2020 term dates, use the Ministry's published dates.
  8. Click Save.

Note: Dates entered in this screen update the school's start and end dates, and not individual employees' start and end dates.