Payroll Update – 2 June 2021

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

Teacher aide increments now available in the attestation report

From January 2021 Teacher aide (kaiawhina) increments are processed automatically unless they are deferred (see details below). EPL was emailing schools to let them know when teacher aides were due auto-increments, but from 1 June this information will be available in the attestation report on Novopay Online (NOL) and will not be emailed directly to schools. Later this year the attestation report will be moving from NOL to EdPay, and we will let you know when this is happening.

What is an attestation report?

The attestation report is an electronic payroll report that shows the names of your teachers, teacher aides and support staff who are due to receive an increment (have their salary increased). The report is generated fortnightly and is available to all schools via NOL.

Why does it need to be checked?

It is important that you regularly download and review your attestation report, as increments occur at different times of the year. The report displays a list of employees who are eligible for an increment and your school's report can be accessed from the 'My Reporting' area in NOL.

For teachers and other support staff, there is no change to the current process and they must be manually attested or deferred. For more information, see the attestation pages on the Novopay website

Automatic yearly increments for teacher aides - unless deferred

Teacher aides listed on the attestation report are entitled to an automatic yearly increment. The teacher aides will appear on the report within 90 days of the increment date. These increments are due on the dates listed in the report. If the teacher aide has met performance standards and is eligible to progress, you do not have to do anything - they will automatically receive the increment.

If a teacher aide has not met performance standards, OR is not eligible to progress from Grade BC step 5 to step 6 (as their work remains within matrix Grade B), please defer by placing an N in the appropriate field and return to the School Account Team. Schools must discuss a deferral with the teacher aide two months before it is to be applied.

Note: those employees with a 22 August 2021 increment date who were employed prior to Novopay go-live will have their increment backdated to 12 February 2021. This date (12 February) will become their new anniversary date.