Payroll Update - 09 October 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

End of Year screens are now open. Log in to Novopay Online to access them.

The first step is to update your term start and end dates under My School > School Leave Details > Maintain School Terms. Remember: if your school term 4 end date is a Friday, you need to enter the Sunday date to ensure teachers are paid their salary right up until the end of the week. Their holiday pay will then begin on the Monday. More information can be found in the End of Year 2019 Guide (PDF).

We understand many of you will be enjoying a holiday break this week, but you have plenty of time to complete the process when you return. End of Year screens close Monday 25 November.

Can you use EdPay for EOY/SOY?

Not this year. Schools with access to EdPay still need to log in to the screens in Novopay Online and complete the process.

Holiday Pay Guide available now

The Holiday Pay Guide is available on the Novopay website. This can be used to help explain how an employee's holiday pay is calculated and paid over the Christmas holiday period. Schools have found this page useful when receiving queries from employees.

Salary Assessment for 2020

As we approach the end of a 2019, it's beneficial to start the salary assessment process for new 2020 teachers as soon as possible.


  • Salary assessments can be done even if the employee doesn't yet have a Ministry of Education number
  • You can avoid paying your new teachers the minimum grade and step if they have been assessed before the commencement date at your school
  • Salary Assessment may require several documents, so it's good to allow plenty of time to gather them all.

The Salary Assessment page on the Novopay website has more information about the process - including Frequently Asked Questions and a checklist to assist with sending in applications.

Reminder: we need your school's out-of-hours contact details

It's essential that we're able to contact an authorised user from your school over the term break should there be any issue with an employee's pay that needs corrective action.

Please send through the name and phone number of the Principal or payroll administrator we should contact for your school to with the subject heading "Out-of-hours Contact".