Payroll Update – 13 December 2019

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou

Start of Year screens are now open. Log into Novopay Online to enter instructions for employees returning to your school in 2020. For new employees, please use Add Employee in EdPay.

This is our final newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy the break and wish you all the best for the New Year. Our office remains open every day except the statutory holidays.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on EdPay throughout 2019. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with the main piece of feedback being that you want to be able to do more. We're looking forward to rolling out new features in 2020 (some are being trialled by a small group of schools at the moment).

For those who haven't yet logged in or used EdPay, we hope you find time before the school year starts. Remember: EdPay can now be accessed anywhere, from any device.

EdPay replaces NOVO forms and the current features can be used instead of the NOVO1t and NOVO1nt (Add Employee), NOVO3 (Change Employee Details), NOVO4 (Change Tax Details), NOVO6 (Terminate Job) and NOVO29 (Update KiwiSaver).

If you need any help using EdPay, be sure to click on Eddy the ?kereru in the right-hand corner for tours and tips. Your dedicated payroll adviser and their team are available for anything else you may need.

Download the Pay Ending report to help with Start of Year

The Pay Ending Report can be used to identify:

  • employees whose jobs are due to end soon
  • employees who have already left your school, but whose jobs still need to be terminated

Employees showing on the Pay Ending report who are not restarted, will have their pay ceased on the date displayed on the report.

Are you an annualised or term-time only employee?

For authorised users paid by Education Payroll, your access to Novopay Online and EdPay is dependent on having an active job. Every year we have some payroll administrators returning to work to find their access no longer active.

Annualised payroll administrators

Please ensure a NOVO23nt is submitted as soon as possible (21 January at the latest - forms cut-off for pay period 22) so we can process it before 30 January 2020.

Term-time only payroll administrators

Your Principal needs to restart you in Novopay Online before 6 February 2020 or a NOVO2nt needs to be submitted by 3 February 2020 (forms cut-off for pay period 23).

Pay day for Pay Period 20 is 31 December

Due to Christmas and New Year's Day, the following changes apply to Pay Period 20:

  • The cut-off date for all instructions is 18 December
  • The only draft SUE report will be available on 20 December
  • Pay day will be Tuesday 31 December (one day earlier)
  • There will be no Stop Pays

There are no changes to Pay Period 21.

Isolation and High Priority Teacher Supply allowances

Due to the new Teachers Collective Agreements signed in 2019, we are updating the codes for Isolation allowances and Priority Teacher Supply allowances.

If any changes are made to an employee with the old allowance codes in the Start of Year screens, you will receive an error message. We recommend:

  • For a Permanent teacher - please wait to do their change until after 15 January
  • For a Fixed-term teacher - please submit a NOVO2t form

2019 Audit update

The annual reporting and school audit process is starting soon. All relevant reports will be available on Thursday 7 February 2019 and will be in the same format as previous years.

The following reports will be available for download from Novopay Online:

  • School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR)
  • Leave Liability Reports

The reports below will be sent to your school's principal by email:

  • Overpayments Error Schedule
  • Stop Pays Error Schedule
  • Funding Code Error Schedule

Key Dates

Annualisation top-up will be in Pay Period 24

Any 2019 annualised employees who complete the annualisation period (which ends 30 January 2020) and are owed a top-up amount, will receive it in Pay Period 24 (pay day: 26 February).

Top-up amounts may include a holiday pay top-up for additional hours worked throughout the year, or a percentage of gross earnings for Pay Periods 19 to 22 if someone was term time only in 2018 but annualised in 2019.