Novopay News 24 August 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

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Welcome to the latest edition of Novopay News.

In this issue we have some important follow-up information for those who were impacted by last week's industrial action. We also want to remind you about the payroll processes and controls and your roles and responsibilities with your payroll. Please read over and feel free to contact your Payroll Adviser is you have any concerns.

Also in this edition:

  • Employees' Pay Affected by Industrial Action
  • Your Email Contact Details
  • Reminder - Novopay Service Centre Email Address
  • ACC Annual Levy Invoice Now Available
  • Going on Leave? - Your Payroll Responsibility

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Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Industrial Action - Pay Deductions

Employees who participated in industrial action on 15 August 2018 will not be paid for the hours they were on strike. We will process strike deductions based on the information supplied in the Industrial Action Spreadsheet that was returned by schools.

This will be visible on your SUE reports for pay period 11.

For examples of how deductions have been calculated, how they will be processed, and how they will appear on SUE reports and Payslips, please read our alert published 22 August 2018 on the Novopay website:

Thank you to the schools that promptly returned their spreadsheets.

Your Email Contact Details

Please remind your employees to provide an up-to-date email address in order to receive their payslips in a reliable and timely fashion each pay period.

You can add or change an email address via the NOVO3 form found on the Novopay forms page by clicking the below link:

Reminder - Novopay Service Centre Email Address

Please ensure when you send a new request to the Novopay Service Centre you are using the email and NOT

The difference: should only be used when a ticket has been sent back for further or additional information, this will generate automatically when you hit reply. is used to submit a new request which will be received and categorised accordingly.

ACC - Annual Levy Invoices Now Available

Your ACC annual levy invoice is now available via Novopay Online (NOL).

To access the invoice log into NOL and go to the "My Reporting" tab and choose ACC EOY (invoice to schools) and select the 2018 invoice. If you are already logged into NOL you may need to log out and log in again to access this information.

The 2018 ACC annual levy is based on leviable earnings. The operational funding component will be deducted from your school's bank account on 18 September. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover this deduction.

For more information about payments and rates that make up this year's levy visit the Novopay website.

Going on Leave? - Your Payroll Responsibility

If you are going on leave, do you have resources in place to cover your payroll duties while you are away? Who will check the SUE reports for accuracy? Is your backup aware of their role and responsibilities?

Now is a great time to refresh yourself with the Payroll Record Keeping Processes and Controls document to ensure you are comfortable with all of the roles and responsibilities Authorised Users play in maintaining an accurate payroll.

By checking SUE reports, and amending inaccuracies by sending us instructions, you can help provide an accurate pay without the hassle of staff being over or underpaid. Please re-familiarise yourself with the Payroll Record Keeping Processes and Controls document found by clicking here.