Novopay News 17 November 2017

News for School Payroll Staff

17 November 2017

Kia ora,

Welcome to the latest edition of Novopay News. In this edition, we'd like to remind you that the End of Year screen is closing soon and we'll provide some handy hints and reminders to help you out with completing your school's End of Year processing, including advice on processing terminations.

We also give you some information on the Start of Year e-Workshops offered by Training Services. It's a great idea to get your training done early so you are ready to enter your school's payroll data as and when you have it when the Start of Year screen opens on 13 December.

There is a reminder about the recent changes that have been made to our phone system - (you need to choose option 1 before entering your MOE number rather than directly dialling your Payroll Adviser's 4-digit queue number), plus there is a section regarding the upcoming changes to Vodafone customers' email addresses that may require action for both Authorised Users of Novopay and school employees who receive electronic payslips. To help you out with making any changes to employees' email addresses, we have included a link to a helpful flyer detailing how to make these changes in Novopay Online.

We are committed to continuously improving our service - there is a piece on how we are working with schools to submit forms to the Novopay Service Centre as 'Smart Forms' rather than handwritten scanned forms and an update from the Debt Management Unit regarding their new fact sheet that has been published on the Novopay website, titled 'Resolving your overpayment'.

We also remind you that we are looking to receive an out-of-hours contact person for the holiday break for each school and finally we have our regular feature, a Payroll Adviser profile.

Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

The End of Year (EoY) screen closes on 27 November

The End of Year (EoY) screen is closing shortly. You have until 5pm on Monday, 27 November to complete the End of Year processing in Novopay Online. Completing the EoY process ensures that employees get paid their correct holiday pay at the end of the year in pay periods 19 and 20.

If your school's principal is going to be away at a school camp or conference around the time that your school will be completing EoY activities, it is vital that they either complete EoY before they leave, or that there is a resource available at the school with the appropriate Novopay access to complete EoY.

There are a number of tools to support you to complete End of Year. Use the quick links below to find useful resources, or contact your Payroll Adviser by calling 0508 NOVOPAY.

EoY Handy Hint - use a spreadsheet (EoY Report)

Many of the most successful EoY experiences begin with the preparation of a spreadsheet with details of your employees, used to view and record data for End-of-Year processing.

You have a ready-made spreadsheet within Novopay online called the "End of Year Report" that we encourage you to use as a worksheet. Download this report and start talking to your principal now, gathering employee details for the end of 2017. As each decision is made, record it on the report ready for uploading into the End of Year screen.

"End of Year Complete" button

Once you have completed your End of Year processing, please remember to press the "EoY Complete" button, reconfirm when prompted, and wait for a message to appear in red - "EOY has been completed". If you believe you do not have any changes to make in the End of Year screen, you will still need to press the "EoY complete" button to notify us that there are no changes for your school.

When you click 'EoY Complete' (circled above), a message will display asking you to confirm that you have submitted all EoY changes (see below). If you are sure that all changes have been submitted, click OK. If not, click Cancel.

A second message will display. Click OK to confirm. The End of Year process is only complete when you see the 'EoY has been completed' message at the top of the screen (see example, below).

Terminations - using the EoY screen or a form?

Terminating employees in the End of Year screen will remove them from your payroll.

There are some terminations you cannot process in the EoY screen and you will need to submit a Novo6 form. These are:

  • Retirement
  • Medical Retirement
  • Redundancy
  • Fixed Term teachers transferring to another school

If you have used the EoY screen to process your termination, please do not also send a NOVO6 form unless their last day of duty has changed from the date you entered online.

If you are uncertain about whether the termination has been submitted, you can re-run your End of Year report and check that the change has been recorded.

The golden rule with EoY terminations is to process either using Novopay Online or by sending in a Novo6 form - never both.

27 January termination dates showing 28 January

You may notice that if you entered 27 January as a termination date for a fixed-term teaching employee it is now showing as 28 January on your termination reports and in Novopay Online. We are aware of this.

To correct this issue, we are going to automatically move these dates back to 27 January in Pay Period 22. There is no action required by Authorised Users to make a correction to these dates.

Reminder: Leave Bookings for 52 week workers

Please check the leave details for 52 week non-teachers at your school. If required, you should book annual leave for these employees in Novopay Online for present and future pay periods, or submit a Novo12 form for retrospective leave dates.

This helps to maintain good leave records for these employees. You can check employees' leave details on your school's fortnightly leave report, which you can download from Novopay Online.

Out-of-hours contact person over the holiday break

Please advise us of the contact person for pay queries at your school over the holiday break. If we do not have an out-of-hours contact and a payroll query occurs for an employee over the holidays, we won't be able to take corrective action.

You should also ensure that employees at your school are aware of who the out-of-hours payroll contact is - they may need to contact you over the holiday break.

Either pass your out-of-hours contact details to your Payroll Adviser or email this information as soon as you can to: Please note that we may pass this contact information on to an employee of your school if they call us.

Start of Year - e-Workshops are available

The Start of Year e-Workshops are trainer-led sessions that give you a broad overview of the upcoming Start of Year payroll process and outlines specific tasks to prepare you for completing your Start of Year activity accurately and on time.

To sign up for a Start of Year e-Workshop, you will need to log into the Education Sector Learning Management System and book into a session - the instructions for doing so are below.

Logging in to the LMS:


Click the link - Education Sector Learning Management System (LMS)


Your username is as advised by Training Services


You can reset your LMS password or retrieve your login details by using the options available from the LMS login page. If you have any problems with your password please contact the Training Services team.

To view the course timetable:


Click the link - Timetable


Click on the session you want to book into.


Click Add Booking.


You will be emailed confirmation of the booking and instructions on how join the training session.

Help and support:

If you have any problems, please contact the Training Services team.

Skype: Training Services
DDI: 04 463 0928

New overpayment fact sheet released

As part of our commitment to continuously improving our service, we have created a new fact sheet to aid employees should they happen to be overpaid.

The fact sheet provides an overview of the overpayment recovery process, provides employees with the Debt Management Unit's contact details and also has a list of frequently asked questions.

The fact sheet will be sent to overpaid employees to assist them in the recovery process and can be viewed by clicking here.

Calling Novopay - we've made changes to our phone system

We would like to remind you that we have made some changes to our telephone system which will make it easier for you to get through to the right people for assistance.

You should no longer enter the 4-digit queue number of your dedicated Payroll Adviser, instead, please select Option 1 in the Welcome Menu if you wish to speak with your Payroll Advisor. You will then be asked to enter your 7-digit MOE number. This will make the caller verification process easier and you only need to remember one number for all your interactions with Novopay.

The options for the Debt Management Unit and the Salary Assessment Unit are unchanged (Options 2 and 3 respectively); you won't need to enter your MOE number. We've also added a new option for the ACC Team (Option 4), so you don't need to call their individual direct numbers anymore; instead you will be placed in a call group, which will direct you to an available member of the ACC Team.

The options when you call 0508 NOVOPAY are now:

1 - Payroll Adviser (enter your MOE number)

2 - Debt Management Unit

3 - Salary Assessment Unit

4 - ACC Team

Annualisation (Novo23nt)

We are starting to receive 2018 Annualisation Agreement Novo23nt forms into the Novopay Service Centre and have noted that there has been some confusion around additional public holidays and employees who are entitled to 5 weeks annual leave.

Please refer to the instructions for completing the Novo23nt and also the leave section of the Support Staff Collective Agreement for clarification when filling out field 10 of the Novo23nt form.

Smart Forms

Recently you may have had a conversation with your Payroll Adviser regarding Smart Forms and the benefits of using them.

What is a Smart Form?

A Smart Form, or 'Smart PDF', is a PDF form that you can directly type and enter information into the PDF electronically, without having to print it out. Once you've completed the smart form electronically, you can email it to

This means you don't need to print out, photocopy or scan the form, or handwrite it.

Simply save the Smart Form on your computer as a file first. Then, enter your information on the PDF.

Once you've done that, save the Smart Form again to save the information you have entered. Then you're ready to email it to which will create a ticket for your form to be processed by your Payroll Adviser.

Why use Smart Forms?

Using Smart Forms reduces inputting errors and the amount of time spent on the end to end process of completing a payroll instruction ticket as handwritten forms can often be very hard to read.

Smart Forms ensure that information is easy to read, which makes it easier to process and saves valuable time going back and forth checking and re-checking between schools' payroll staff and their Payroll Advisers.

Smart Forms help reduce manual payroll processing tasks and increase your confidence using forms online.

Are all Novopay forms 'Smart Forms'?

No. Some forms, such as salary assessment forms, require a written signature so they still need to be printed out, completed, signed and sent via postal mail.

Based on forms received recently, we have already seen the use of Smart Forms increase. During this busy time of year we want to continue to support you and make it as easy as possible to pay your employees accurately and on time.

If you have any questions please contact your Payroll Adviser for further help.

Vodafone customers' email addresses

Vodafone has announced that from 30 November the company is cancelling its email service. Vodafone customers who remain with Vodafone can get an automatic redirect to a G-mail, Hotmail or similar account, otherwise existing Vodafone e-mail addresses will become void.

If you currently use a Vodafone email address as your registered email as an Authorised User of Novopay, you will need to change your email that we have recorded once you set up a new email account.

Alternatively, if you choose to keep your Vodafone email address and choose to have your emails redirected to an alternative account such as G-mail, please mark '', '' and '' as safe senders to avoid emails from Novopay going into your spam folder. Staff who receive their payslips to a Vodafone email address may also be affected by this change.

There are a number of domains affected by this change;,,,,,,, and

To change an email address in Novopay;

  • Authorised Users need to submit a Novo5 advising the change to their email address. This form was must be posted to the Novopay Service Centre;

Novopay Service Centre,

P.O. Box 3049,



Payroll Adviser Profile: meet Hayley

EPL Payroll Adviser Hayley has a breadth of experience working on school employees' payroll. She previously worked for Datacom and began working with the Novopay system in September 2012, staying until May 2014 before heading off on her 'Big OE'.

On her OE she lived in London and travelled to over 30 countries in her spare time whilst working as a credit controller for a travel company. Hayley visited Russia, Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia amongst many others; however, her favourite country was Iceland for its beautiful scenery.

Hayley studied accounting at Victoria University and is able to put the skills that she developed within her degree to good use working at EPL, handling complex calculations and understanding the collective agreements. She says she loves working with her team, who are a "great bunch of people" and that the Authorised Users that she helps out are friendly and she has built some good relationships with her schools. Hayley says that working at EPL "is an interesting job and a unique opportunity".

She has been speaking with her schools about using Smart Forms and many are already downloading smart PDFs from the EPL website and submitting them instead of handwritten forms. She notes "it makes processing forms way easier for us and helps admins out as they don't need to keep resubmitting them if we can't understand what has been handwritten".

Outside of work, Hayley loves to travel and is always planning her next exciting adventure. She also enjoys photography, movies, cross stitch and baking (which is much appreciated by her team!) and she is fond of coffee and chocolate.