Novopay News 1 December 2017

News for School Payroll Staff

1 December 2017

Kia ora,

We are fast approaching the end of the school year and the summer break is upon us. We know it's a busy time of year for you and your schools as you prepare for the close down period. Thank you to everyone who completed the End of Year processing on time.

This issue of Novopay News includes:

- helpful tips on getting ready for Start of Year in preparation for the screen opening in mid-December

- important information on checking Pay Period 19 SUE reports as the termination run for Pay Period 19 is run differently to the usual pay cycle

- important information regarding payroll processing dates for Pay Period 20.

- plus there is a note on interpreting the Holiday Pay calculations.

You will need to be aware that the cut-offs for Pay Period 20 are different to the usual pay cycle and therefore any changes or corrections you need to make must adhere to these cut-offs to ensure that the employees at your school are paid correctly.

To assist you with these changes, we have provided an altered pay cycle calendar for Pay Periods 19 and 20.

Along with our regular Handy Hint and Payroll Adviser Profile, we also provide an update on Smart Forms and a reminder that annualised Authorised Users' Novo23nts need to be submitted early to ensure they are able to access Novopay Online.

Noho ora mai

Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

Start of Year (SoY) screen opening soon

The Start of Year (SoY) Screen will be opening in Novopay Online on Wednesday, 13 December.

Please note the following:

  • You must complete SoY processing for each employee before they start in 2018 to ensure that they are paid on time.
  • All processing for Pay Period 19 needs to be completed before we can open the screen.
  • Holiday pay processes need to be finished before the screen opens so that you have all the information you need to make your changes and additions for staff returning to work in the New Year.

There are a number of activities you can complete prior to the Screen Opening on 13 December. To ensure you are well prepared for SoY we recommend you:

Completed Start of Year Preparation Tasks? Fantastic. You're now ready to enter information into the SoY screen from 13 December.


Submitting your school's instructions early gives you time to make any amendments and corrections. It also means you avoid the peak processing period at the start of Term One.

This might not be practical when staffing decisions occur between the end of Term 4 and the beginning of Term 1. But the earlier you can get this information in, the better.

Annualised Authorised Users starting back at school before Pay Period 23

If an Authorised User is an annualised employee, it is highly recommended that you submit their annualisation forms prior to the summer break.

  • If this is not submitted, they will be unable to access Novopay Online until this form is processed.

You must submit their Novo23nt to the Service Centre before the cut-off for Pay Period 22 (5.00pm Monday, 22 January).

INSTRUCTIONS: Start of Year Save and Submit

When you are entering information for employees in the SoY screen, you may receive a message similar to the screen shot from last year's SoY screen below. This means you have not saved and submitted the Job Start and End Dates, before making any other changes for that employee.

Please follow this process for each employee:

  1. Firstly enter only the new start date and new end date for the employee.

  2. Press 'save' and 'submit' in the SoY screens.

  3. Select the employee in SoY again.

  4. Update any other changes required, like a change in hours, or a LWOP booking.

Reference: SoY 2018 Instructions, Page 9

If you enter more than the Start and End Date information when you first process the employee in SoY screens you will receive the error message above.

Key SoY Dates

Termination Pays: Check Pay Period 19 Final SUE

It is good payroll practice to check the Draft SUE when it is available in Novopay Online. For Pay Period 19, the First Draft SUE will be available on Thursday, 14 December.

Terminations will appear on the second SUE on Saturday, 16 December.

(Revised for clarification 14 December 2017)

Important information: Pay Period 20 Payroll Processing Dates

Due to the New Year public holidays on Monday,1 January and Tuesday, 2 January 2018, the Pay Period 20 pay cycle has been changed. Pay day for Pay Period 20 will be on Friday 29 December 2017.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Change of pay day for Pay Period 20 means changes to payroll cut-offs, SUE Reports and Stop Pays, as follows:

  • Cut-off for submitting forms for changes for Pay Period 20 to:

    • Novopay Service Centre: 5.00 pm Monday, 18 December

    • Novopay Online: 3.00 pm Wednesday, 20 December.

  • There will be only one Draft SUE Report:

    • Available to download in Novopay Online on Thursday, 21 December.

    • Any corrections needed to pays can only be submitted on Thursday, 21 December.

  • It will not be possible to submit a Stop Pay (bank stop) for Pay Period 20.

    • It is important that the Draft SUE released on Thursday, 21 December is thoroughly checked.

    • We are unable to stop overpayments if changes are not submitted on Thursday 21 December.

  • The Final SUE Report will be created on the night of Friday, 22 December.

    • Available to download in Novopay Online on Saturday, 23 December.

  • Employee notifications

    • Electronic payslips will be sent to employees on the afternoon of Thursday, 28 December.

    • It will include a payslip message advising employees that pay will be processed on the morning of Friday, 29 December.

    • Payslips that are sent by post, rather than email, will likely be received on 4 January due to the postal system and public holidays. This is significantly later than when these employees will receive their pay on Friday, 29 December

    • Employees will be able to access the money in their bank accounts from 9.00 am on Friday, 29 December.

  • Pay Period 21 will begin on Wednesday, 3 January 2018 as per the normal pay cycle.

    • Pay day for Pay Period 21 is Wednesday, 17 January 2018 which is 2.5 weeks after the pay day for Pay Period 20.

    • All cut-off dates and times for Pay Period 21 remain unchanged

These changes are represented in an altered pay cycle calendar below.

Display Issues with SUE reports in Pay Period 19

There are display issues that may affect you when you interpret SUE reports in Pay Period 19.

  • There are two incidences where the way holiday pay calculations are displayed in the SUE report means you cannot check the calculations.
  • Despite this display issue, the gross holiday pay is correct.

  • This issue may occur where a term-time only auto paid or timesheet employee's holiday pay is based on a percentage of earnings. The system converts the calculated holiday pay to notional hours at a notional rate, and the percentage column in the SUE report is blank.

In some cases, the SUE report will also display a rate that is different from the rate used for the actual calculation. As a result, multiplying hours times the rate will not equal the dollar amount paid or displayed.

The gross payment for holiday pay is correct in these cases despite the display issues.

Smart Forms

In the last edition of Novopay News there was an item on Smart Forms (smart PDFs) which discussed the benefits of submitting Smart Forms rather than handwritten forms. There has been some great feedback from schools and the benefits already gained from using Smart Forms.

Karlene from Tarawera High School says "I find Smart Forms so much easier than printing off the form, getting it signed and then scanning it in. The forms are easy and straightforward - by sending in the electronic forms it makes it so much simpler to get the form in by cut off for the Pay Period.

Handy hint - Got an injured employee?

Before you contact us or complete a NOVO12 form, our ACC Claims page on the Novopay website is full of information that will help you understand the ACC process as well as booking the leave through Novopay.

You can provide any feedback regarding the ACC Claims page by completing the feedback form found here.

Payroll Adviser Profile - meet Blaire

Payroll Adviser Blaire has been working on the schools' payroll in one form or another for five years now. Blaire started off on the Novopay Service Desk answering calls and queries from school administrators and principals before moving on to assisting with complex queries. Since then, she has transitioned into working in the School Account Teams as a Payroll Adviser.

Blaire studied Accounting at Victoria University and uses skills from her degree to process her schools' payroll changes. She looks after 42 secondary schools across New Zealand and says "I love my schools. My schools rock!"

In her spare time Blaire loves to eat, nap, shop and read books - she says she doesn't have a favourite genre as they're all her favourite. She has read 243 books so far this year. It's a far cry from her hobby at school, where she was on the water polo team.

Blaire is currently saving to buy her first house with her partner and has been looking around Wellington for the perfect house to buy.