Novopay News – 4 May 2018

News for School Payroll Staff

Tena koutou,

Welcome back to a new school term. If you were able to get away for a holiday during the term break, I hope you are now feeling refreshed and ready for the term ahead. It's always important to send through accurate pay instructions, this ensures your dedicated payroll adviser can load the instructions on time and without error.

In this edition of Novopay News we provide information about Statements of Service for the Salary Assessment Unit.

Also in this edition:

  • School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement changes

  • Form Updates - Please note new changes

  • Better Every Day - Our Continuous Improvement model

  • Reminder - Primary Principals' Collective Expires 16 May 2018

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Donna Delaney, Manager - School Account Teams

Salary Assessment Applications and Statements of Service

The biggest cause of delays in Salary Assessment applications are still due to statements of service either not being provided or the statements of service do not contain all of the required information.

If a teacher is claiming service on the NOVO7t application form, other than service in the New Zealand state system, such as relevant work experience or teaching service (private or overseas) then they must provide a statement of service to allow the service calculation to be completed.

Statements of service must contain the following:

  • A description of the type of service

  • A start and end date (must be in dd/mm/yy format)

  • If the work was full time or part time

    • If part time service, the total hours worked or hours per week must be detailed in full

  • Be on official letterhead

  • Must contain the signature of the writer

  • Must be certified if the document is not the original

Please also be aware that by signing the application form, the Principal is attesting that the service claimed is relevant to the teacher's curriculum or pastoral duties. Once a calculation for service is completed it may mean that an incoming teacher may be paid beyond the minimum entry step for their qualification group or they may be entitled to an increment before they have completed 1 year's FTE service.

School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement changes

For Caretakers: In this Pay Period, Caretakers paid under the School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement, or latest IEA, will have their pay grades and steps automatically updated in line with the new Caretakers scale. This change is effective from the 8th of May 2018.

These new grades are located in the Payroll Codes section on the Novopay website.

We have included some examples of the agreed rules for translation to the new pay scale on our Novopay website here. These are located under Appendix D of the School Caretakers', Cleaners' and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement. We suggest you read this and contact NZSTA if you have any questions.

Your school's Draft SUE report (3rd May 2018) shows the new grades, steps and pay rates for your affected caretakers. Service and Qualification allowances will cease to be paid separately as of the 8/5/2018 for any of your Caretakers affected by this translation.

NB: At this stage the Cleaners and Canteen workers translation is on hold while NZSTA work through the impact of the minimum wage increase on the new scale.

Any Caretakers who are not party to the latest CA and IEA will not be party to this translation. They will need to sign the latest IEA or join the union to be paid on the new grades and steps.

For more information on the new pay scales, please contact NZSTA.

Form Updates - Please note these changes

The following forms have been updated to give the option of off-set where an overpayment has occurred. Please make sure you access the updated forms from the Novopay website here.

The updated forms are:

  • NOVO2t
  • NOVO2nt

  • NOVO16c

  • NOVO16t

Other updates:

  • NOVO1t
  • NOVO1nt

There has been an update within the KiwiSaver section of the NOVO1t and NOVO1nt forms to remove some confusion. This update is around eligibility based on age, and an extra radio button for those who are already a member of KiwiSaver but we do not hold details in the payroll system.

NOTE: Anyone who is joining (KS2), changing contributions rates (KS2), going on contribution holiday (IRD confirmation letter), ceasing contributions (KS51) or is new and does not want to be a member of KiwiSaver (KS10), should provide the relevant forms to your school administrator to be kept on file for audit purposes. Where our forms ask for a copy to be attached, please make sure a scanned copy is attached with the NOVO1t, NOVO1nt or NOVO29 at the time of submitting the request.

Better Every Day - For Continuous Improvement

Over the last year, we have had a number of schools involved in providing very useful feedback to support our 'Better Every Day' continuous improvement model. This group have been asked to share their thoughts on a number of initiatives aimed at improving services, communication, process and forms.

We are now looking for more Novopay users to be involved to ensure we are gaining a range of our customer's perspectives. If you would like to be involved with this group, or find out more, please let your Payroll Adviser know and they will pass on your expression of interest.

Reminder - Primary Principals' Collective Expires 16 May 2018

A reminder that though this collective and matching IEA expire on 16 May 2018, it's terms and conditions still apply until the newly ratified and implemented collective and IEA are put in place.