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Novopay News Start of Year Special Edition

3 November 2017

Kia ora,

Welcome to this special edition of Novopay News which we are publishing in advance of the Start of Year (SoY) event.

As we are nearing the end of the academic year and with End of Year data collection in full swing, it's time to start thinking about the payroll activities you need to complete to ensure that your school's employees are set up correctly for next year.

In this edition, we give you a step by step rundown of the activities you can complete to start getting ready for your Start of Year processing. We tell you all about the Start of Year Tool Box which has now been published on the Novopay website, the Self-Paced Learning Module offered by Training Services and the reports to download now so that you can gather data ready for SoY screen opening on 13 December, when you will be able to enter the data into Novopay Online.

We also request that you provide an out-of-hours contact person for the holiday break - something that you may have already passed on to your Payroll Adviser.

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Noho ora mai

Donna Delaney, School Account Teams Manager

SoY Step One: Go to the blue Start of Year 2018 Tool Box on the Novopay website

Tool Box Contents

SoY Overview: This brings you to the Start of Year page on the Novopay website, which contains information on the key functions and phases of Start of Year, plus useful links to use for preparing and processing Start of Year.

Key dates and activities: Clicking here opens a handy printable flyer that outlines the key dates and activities you need to know about for both End of Year and Start of Year.

Training - self-paced learning module: This takes you through to Training Services' site to access the SoY self-paced training module.

SoY Road Map: This is a new downloadable tool to help you with SoY. It is a simple step by step flow chart to guide you through SoY. The Road Map is clear and easy to follow - it might pay to print it out and have it close at hand when entering your SoY data.

Start of Year instructions: The 2018 Start of Year instructions are divided into a checklist and a guide, which is cross-referenced so you can find the information you need easily. The checklist will help you to get ready for Start-of-Year, and the guide acts as a reference where more detailed explanations are required.

Annualisation: You will find more information about the Annualisation process here.

SoY Step Two: View the self-paced learning module

Start of Year (SoY) training is available now. We suggest that you complete the SoY self-paced learning module available via Training Services.

The self-paced learning module takes you through the process of completing Start of Year and we highly recommend that you complete the module before reading the Start of Year instruction booklet.

The learning module is helpful if this is your first Start of Year or if you have completed it before but need a refresher on the process.

SoY Step Three: Print and read the Novopay Start of Year instructions

The Novopay Start of Year 2018 Instructions are extremely helpful to print out and have by your side whilst you are completing your Start of Year activities. We recommend that once you have completed the self-paced learning module, you print and read the Start of Year instructions fully before commencing SoY for your school.

The instructions contain a preparation checklist that allow you to see at a glance which stage you are up to in your processing and a guide with more information for each stage of preparation and processing.

To avoid delays and ensure you have all the information you need, it is recommended that you work through the preparation checklist as soon as possible;

  • Update your school's calendar with 2018 term dates.

  • Download the Start of Year Report - once you have talked to your principal to gather employee details for 2018, you can view and record employee data for Start of Year processing in this report

  • Download the Pay Ending Report - you can use this report to identify employees whose occupancies are ending soon and identify employees who have left your school but have not been terminated.

  • Start and end dates - record the 2018 start and end dates for term-time only, auto-paid non teachers and fixed-term teachers. Employees must be restarted no later than the pay period in which they return to work.

  • Note any changes - You will also need to know if any staff have a change in; Funding/Department code, employment status, hours worked, allowances or Leave without Pay.

Start of Year Questions and Answers

Q. Why are the SoY screens opening on 13 December 2017 and not earlier?

A. We have to complete all the processing for Pay Period 19 before we can open the Start of Year screen. We need to finish running the holiday pay processes before we can open the screen so that you will have all the information you need to make your changes for staff returning to work in the New Year.

Q. Will schools be able to see a tick to indicate they have completed SoY?

A. No, there is no tick. Administrators should be advised to re-print the SoY report as it will show they changed information and they will be able to identify anything still requiring alteration.

Q. If a composite school has some children coming back on one date, and other children coming back on another date, what date should the school enter for their term start date?

A. The first day the school is open for instruction is the start of year date. So if the year 7 students return before the other year groups, that is the first date the school is open for instruction

Q. In what situation would you display your School's Term 4 end date as a Sunday?

A. When the School's last day of term is a Friday.

Q. Why do some employees have multiple rows in the SoY report?

A. It lists both current and future job details as well as any allowances held.

Q. What is the Pay Ending Report used for?

A. To identify any employees whose occupancies are due to end soon and who will not be paid after their occupancy ends, and to identify employees who have already left your school, but have not yet been terminated.

Q. What steps would you take if a fixed-term teacher is starting after 7 February because they are taking leave without pay?

A. Enter 28 January as their start date, and enter their end date. Book Leave Without Pay from 28 January to the day before they return.

Q. If a Term Time Only auto-paid non-teaching employee returns to school within 10 days after the school's start date, will they be paid for Anniversary and Waitangi Day public holidays?

A. Yes, provided that the employee works on the day of the week on which the respective public holiday is observed.

Q. What should I do if a Term Time Only auto-paid non-teaching employee's start date overlaps with their annual leave?

A. Submit a timesheet for the hours that overlap with the annual leave period, using the code 'TXTRA'.

Out-of-hours contact person over the holiday break

Please advise us of the contact person for pay queries at your school over the holiday break. If we do not have an out-of-hours contact and a payroll query occurs for an employee over the holidays, we won't be able to take corrective action.

You should also ensure that employees at your school are aware of who the out-of-hours payroll contact is - they may need to contact you over the holiday break.

Either pass your out-of-hours contact details to your Payroll Adviser or email this information as soon as you can to: Please note that we may pass this contact information on to an employee of your school if they call us.